Digimon :: Core

General Information 

Ty, T-man
April 3rd (Aeris)
Hair Color
Light-brown or reddish-brown
Eye Color

Digimon Partner



Tyson is a big goofball at heart, and highly unorganized. He's the type that would lose his head if it wasn't attached to his body. He rarely thinks things through, and dives head-in to everything he does. He has a strong desire to encounter something different in his life, something that isn't of the norm. He wants nothing more than to experience a real life adventure, dealing with aliens, monsters, ghosts, or anything that isn't natural. For this reason, he immerses himself in video games, which is about the closest he can get to these things. 

Overall, Tyson is quite composed, but there are a few things that will manage to set off his temper,  such as smug, arrogant, or otherwise holier-than-thou types, or anyone that tends to pick on girls. He is highly protective of the female gender, if only because he feels its his duty as a man to do so.

Overall, Tyson's reckless, tends to speak before he acts, not exactly all that bright, and none-too-organized, but he has a good heart, strong values, and a deep desire to experience the unknown.

Family Information
Tyson's family is fairly well off in terms of income. He lives with his Father, Mother, and older brother. Tyson's father, Lawrence Kepler, works as Construction Manager, and had assisted in the construction of their own home. Lawrence is a strict, highly expectant man that insists Tyson needs to get himself away from games, and focused on life. He tends to think less of the boy, due to his habits, as opposed to Ty's older brother, who is well on his way to becoming a success. 

Tyson's mother, Helena Kepler, is the more preferred parent of the two, by Tyson. She is a kind woman, who has extreme skills with cooking, cleaning, and generally keeping the house in order. She often gets after Tyson to clean his messy room, and gets after him for being late, but overall, their conflicts are little to none. She also tries to push Tyson into a relationship with a girl, wanting him to find the love of his life--she does this especially with Maia. 

Tyson's older brother, Taylor, is the family prodigy. He started talking before he even turned three, and ever since then, has proven himself to go far above and beyond that what's expected of him. He's incredibly studious, hard-working, and intelligent, earning him the nickname 'Braniac' from Tyson. Taylor is often overly polite to anyone he comes across, though can be quite arrogant otherwise, and his borderline 'perfection' annoys Tyson endlessly.  

General Info Bits 

  • Tyson enjoys warm, sunny days, and hates rain/stormy weather. It's the cold he dislikes most, and he doesn't enjoy being wet.
  • Tyson plays for the school's baseball team, and his best position is batter.
  • Tyson owns pretty much every popular game council in existence, as well as over 150 games. He also owns hundreds of comic books, a large amount of movies, and a handful of action figures.
  • Tyson is extremely afraid of heights.
  • Tyson has been late to school a total of 47 times, since he began high school. A large amount is attributed to the fact he stays up late hours, playing games, then waking up late the next day.
  • Tyson's favorite game is the 'Last Existence' series(which is a parody of final fantasy). He is currently playing through the 15th one on his GameStation, and 'Last Existence: Olden Realms' on his GameStation Portable, which he has brought with him to the Digital World. 
  • Tyson's middle name is James, after his late Grandfather.