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General Information 

Mai, Sis, Mom
June 22nd (Cancer)
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Maia is very emotional. She can easily be upset, or even more easily angered. This girl has a hair-trigger temper that can make her quiet fierce if she's feeling particularly upset. She usually defaults to anger in any situation that makes her uncomfortable. She is, however, very devoted into making sure that she can help people whenever she can, even if she unintentionally winds up hurting them instead. 

She has a strong, motherly instinct, and tends to look out for everyone around her. She takes on her mother's traits while doing this, and because of that, tends to expect a bit much out of people at times. She won't hesitate to tell someone if they're doing something wrong either.

At her best, Maia is fairly friendly, and easy enough to get along with. Though, with the way the girl handles stress(and she experiences it incredibly easy), she is rarely in a good mood. Stress is Maia's worst enemy, and she tends to pile needless loads on her shoulders, just in attempts to make sure that everyone around her is well taken care of.  

Maia is not well accustomed to change, and strange events occurring. She likes to deny them, if she possibly can, and tends to do her best to avoid such instances. Though she will deal with a reality that's in front of her, even if she doesn't want to. She prefers to think in the now, and in reality. She rarely gives herself time to relax, or to drift off into fantasies or games. She can become a bit demanding of her friends to focus on the now, as well. Because of this, even though they've known each other for a few years, Maia doesn't exactly get along very well with Tyson.

Maia is extremely over protective of her brother, to the point where she has little to no faith in his ability to do anything for himself. Not because she doubts him, as she says, but that she could never accept anything bad happening to him. And she feels incredibly guilty if anything does happen to him, or other friends, that she feels she could have prevented. As impossible as it might seem, that's almost everything negative that happens, in her mind. 

In short, Maia is emotional, over-protective, but ultimately cares very deeply for the people around her. She is very quick to anger, and tends to become far more stressful than she should. She likes to keep everyone on their toes, and reminded of the reality that's in front of them, and focused on the now, and the safety of everyone. 

Family Information
Maia lives with her mother, younger half-brother, Huey, and step-father in a fairly nice house, complete with a backyard pool. The family is very well off in terms of income, as her step-father is a doctor. Maia's mother works as a secretary in a law firm. 

Maia's mother, Angela Dawson, is a source of stress for the girl. The two of them often butt-heads, and argue over silly things. Angela finds herself at work more often than not, and tends to be over-expecting, insisting that both her kids get nothing less than As in school, and partake in extracurricular activities,  in order to help ensure their futures. She can come off as strict, and tends to lose her composure quite easily. Despite the fact the two almost never get along, she and Maia are more alike than either would care to admit. 

Maia's step-father is a lot more laid back. He shows to be a very compassionate man that takes his job very seriously. Because of this, he too is at work a lot. He does manage to make time for Huey, though, and often goes out of his way to support his son. He also seems to be trying to earn Maia's approval. 

As for Huey, Maia's younger brother by about six years, the two don't really get along either. Maia is overly protective of him, and seems to believe that he is completely incapable of fending for himself. 


General Info Bits 

  • Maia loves rain. She enjoys the sound of it, in particular, and claims it helps her think.
  • Maia plays on the school's tennis team, as well as the swim team. Both of them she tends to be quite good at.
  • She also has excellent hand-eye coordination, aim, and pretty good upper-body strength, and Tyson constantly has her pitch for him, so he can practice. She has a 'mean pitch', in his words. 
  • Maia and Huey are only half-siblings, but that doesn't' deter her protectiveness over him.
  • Despite not getting along very well with him, Maia has learned quite an extensive amount of first-aid training from her step-father.
  • Maia's favorite animal is a dolphin.
  • She is a sucker for cheesy, romantic gestures, like flowers, moon-lit walks on the beach, sappy movies, gentlemanly charm, etc. 
  • Her favorite kind of movie is romantic comedies, with a touch of drama.
  • Maia's short temper tends to scare Tyson. 
  • Maia's favorite flowers are white roses. 
  • Maia likes coffee.
  • Maia is a straight-A student, and is very polite to teachers and fellow students, generally. She could easily be considered a part of the 'popular crowd'.