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January 7th(Capricorn)
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Jett is a cool, collected individual who strongly believes he can overcome any problem by learning enough about it. He thinks long before he acts, and prefers his personal space. Jett has the mindset that if he cannot find a logical explanation for what is occurring, it's simply not possible. He follows this train of thought, even if such events are happening right before him. 

Jett has a rather large ego, developed from his slightly above-average intelligence, and the fact his father instilled him with an incredible pride at a young age.  His arrogance tends to cause others to shy away from him, making him quite the loner. He couldn't really be bothered though, he has no real logical use for friends, in his mind. He feels he is most effective on his own, anyway, and prefers it that way. For this reason, he almost always opts to go solo when it comes to group projects, and tends to dislike being paired with anyone. 

Jett believes strongly that emotions are a downfall, and thus, almost never shows his own. He can get angry, at stressful times, but ultimately, remains quite stoic.  He is highly duty and goal oriented. If he wants to do something, he will do it, and won't stop until he has done it. This goes for duties as well, and if he is given a duty, which he finds some purpose in, he will go well out of his way to preform it. 

Though it might not seem to be a part of his personality, Jett is actually quite picky about his appearance. He has to have his hair just perfect, and his clothing has to make him look good. This might lead some to believe he is self-conscious about his looks. Even if he is, he would never admit that. 

Overall, Jett has a high focus on logic. If there isn't an answer, or an explanation, it simply cannot be. He is arrogant, and somewhat vain. However, on the opposite, he is also extremely devoted to a cause he believes in, and has an incredible drive to set out and finish whatever he's started. He also has an incredible desire for knowledge.  

Family Information
Jett lives with his father. His parents are divorced, and his twin sister, Jade, lives with their mother. Jett's family is well off in terms of income, on both sides, and he and his father reside in a nice apartment complex. Jett's father, Dean Colton, works as a detective. His mother, Mei Colton(Lu being her maiden name), works as a TV News Anchor for the Channel 3 news. 

Jett's father is a strict but collected man. He, like his son, prefers to look at the facts before tackling any obstacles. He has made his job into his life, and is at work far more than he needs to be. He is extremely devoted to each and every case he deals with, and will go long hours at work, just to take care of it. His workaholic tendencies is what lead to the divorce in the first place. He does have a very strong pride in his children, and frequently tells them that they were born for greatness.

Jett's mother, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of her father. She instills strong, family values, and insists that one should not cut themselves off from emotional interests, and instead, embrace them. She is a kind but strong woman, who wishes only for her children to be successful, but also happy. 

Jett's sister, Jade, is quite his opposite. Having spent more time than him with their mother, she has taken on more of her personality traits. Though, like her brother, she is incredibly headstrong, and a bit arrogant. The two bicker quite a lot. 

Jett has a kitten, which is about a year old. She is appropriately named Ruckus, because she gets into everything

General Info Bits

  • Jett actually likes school. At least the challenging aspect of it.
  • Jett's the younger of the two twins, preceeded by his sister by about 3 minutes. 
  • Jett has a habit of snooping, through anything really. He blames this on his desire to learn as much as possible. He goes through a lot of his father's police files, which he often leaves lying around the house. 
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • The only television Jett will watch is documentaries, trivia shows, or the news.