Digimon :: Core


The group had been walking for what seemed like hours. The sun was in the final stages of setting, already, and made for a fairly quiet night. The sounds of some sort of chirping filled the forested area, along with a number of floating specs of blue light. Tyson thought they looked a lot like fireflies.

There had been a harsh silence that had set over the party of six. Maia's anger hadn’t really subsided. She was upset, that much was obvious. That girl was easily upset, angered even, especially if she was worried. Tyson grew to learn this over the years he had known her. Huey wasn't helping the situation either, though.

Tyson wasn't above admitting that Huey had a bratty streak about him. He tended to defy Maia, a lot. Unless, of course, he wanted something from her. Maia didn't exactly object when he acted like this. They were a complicated pair. As group continued walking through the thick forest, they soon came to a clearing.

Before them laid a more spacious area. The trees still surrounded them, in thick clumps, but there was enough space to move more freely here. There was a small pond nearby, as well as a few, large rocks. The orange-colored aura that the setting sun had given off left the area basked in a pretty glow. There was a clear view of a ground-path not far ahead, as well.

Though, there was one more thing that caught Tyson's eye. Someone coming from that path just up ahead. Maia, Huey, and the digimon had stopped as well. A tired Drakemon went on guard, staring down the oncoming figures. The beings stepped into the dimming light of the clearing, giving a two-fingered wave.

“Yo,” a slightly sly grin was placed on the familiar face of one of the figures. “Did ya miss me?” his gaze was directly mostly at Maia, who had only managed a weak glare in reply. It was Brian, and at his side, Finnmon.

“Well, I know everyone missed me,” Finnmon insisted, wearing a bright grin. Misumon jumped down from Drakemon's back, scurrying over to the metal-faced digimon. She jumped up, landing a firm swat atop his head with her tail. “Owe!”

“Idiot! Where were you a few hours ago, huh?” the beaver demanded, landing back on the ground again, arms folded sternly. “You didn't hear the screams, or the fighting?”

“Er, well,” the digimon rubbed his metal-plated head gently. “This guy—“

“We didn't hear anything,” Brian insisted, cutting him off. Finnmon glanced at the boy with a disappointed frown. Figures. The digimon thought. I'd get landed with the pansy of the bunch. He let out a small sigh, folding his own arms over his chest. His glance at Misumon told her all she needed to know, really.

“We should consider setting up camp soon,” Bazamon's voice broke the ensuing silence. There seemed to be no immediate objections to that suggestion. Drakemon took this as an opportunity to drop himself to the ground, crapping his forearms over one another, resting his head on them. It was plain to see that he was exhausted.

Almost as soon as he laid down, his form glowed in a dull red, and shrunk significantly. In the blink of an eye, Rakumon's form replaced that of Drakemon's, but had almost immediately passed out. “Drakemon? Why did you shrink?” Tyson blinked.

“Evolution isn't permanent,” Finnmon spoke up. “Er, usually, at least. Y'know, unless the digimon's got a lot of experience doing it,” the digimon scratched at his feathery ears a bit, before plopping himself down on the ground.

“We're going to need food and a fire,” Tyson decided to step forward. “I'll go find some food,” Tyson spoke up. “Who wants...?” he let his own voice quiet as he watched Maia walk off, no doubt taking on the duty of gathering firewood. With a small sigh, Misumon followed.

“I'll go with her,” Brian added. Tyson eyed him warily. “What?”

“Well, you're kind of a creep,” the teen insisted. To this, Brian scoffed, removing his jacket, and tossing it down near the future-fire pit.

“I'm not that big of a creep,” he insisted, waving a dismissive hand. “Don't worry, I won't lay a hand on your little girlfriend,” he smirked, before trailing off, before going in the direction Misumon and Maia had gone. Tyson growled under his breath a bit.

“C'mon, kiddo, let's get some food,” Finnmon started past Tyson, leading the boy to follow him with his gaze only. “What?” Finnmon glanced back. “If I leave it to you, you'll probably pick some poisonous berries, or somethin',” Tyson shrugged, seeing his point. He had no idea what was edible here.

“Huey, wanna wait here with Rakumon and Elsumon?” Tyson offered. The young boy, still visibly annoyed, simply nodded, planting himself on one of the larger rocks. Tyson gave a thankful nod, walking past the boy to follow Finnmon.

*** *** ***

“Jeez, I can just smell that anger,” Brian chuckled, following at a short distance behind Maia. Her little beaver friend had taken residence on the male's shoulder. Originally, it had been a bit odd, but after a moment, he had adjusted to it. He didn't necessarily fear their 'partners', after all.

Maia only replied with silence. Brian let out a small breath. “Why you so grumpy? I think you're even madder than this morning, when I asked you out,” he added with a wry chuckle.

Maia shot a glare back at him, one that had quite a feeling of harshness behind it. “Ouch, yeesh, chill out a bit.”

“No,” Maia responded coolly, folding her arms over her chest. She paused, looking at the surrounding trees, hoping to find some loose wood that could be used to build a fire. “I didn't even want to be here—Huey shouldn't be here either... And now we're stuck here, without any way to go home. I don't want anything to do with these 'Digimon'.” She spoke the word as if it were a poison.

A barely audible, saddened sigh came from Misumon placed at Brian's shoulder. “Bit harsh, don't ya think? I can think of something that would unwind you,” he added the last bit with a devilish grin.

“Get lost,” Maia spoke coldly.

“Ouch, you hurt me,” Brian retorted, but there was little to no truth behind the statement. There was a tense silence for a few moments. Misumon had a furrowed brow, and a frown on her face. Brian had something of defeat. No one was fun when they were as angry as Maia was.

“Ya know,” Brian started quietly as Maia began picking up small sticks scattered around the area. “It's kinda scary here.” he started finally. There was still no reply from Maia. “I mean, for wimps,” he added, stifling a huff. “Is that why you're so pissed off?”

“...None of us should be here,” Maia spoke, halting in her gathering. Misumon jumped down from Brian's shoulder, before gnawing at some of the near-by trees, breaking off some of the dry bark. “It's way too dangerous.” Brian nodded, folding his arms.

“Guess we'll just have to find a way home. I know I'd rather be at home right now. This place is... weird,” he spoke, for lack of a better word. There was another silence, but this time, interrupted by the sound of rustling clothes. Brian pulled a small, square container from his jacket's pocket, and drew a white stick, slipping it between his lips. The sound of a lighter flaring to life could be heard, followed by an inhale. Misumon jumped off his shoulder as he did this.

“You smoke?” Maia asked, quirking an eyebrow in annoyance.

“Mhm,” Brian responded, exhaling the smoke from his mouth, watching it float up into the sky. “Want one? It'll help calm your nerves,” he offered, wearing a side-ways grin.

“No thanks,” Maia shook her head, as if the habit disgusted her.

“Well, alright. Don't say I never offered you anything,” he added jokingly. The teen offered his assistance, slipping the cigarette between his teeth, before pulling back on some wood. “Oh, also,” he added, managing to dislodge a fair-sized branch from one of the trees with a loud crack. “I think we have to count on these little guys,” he nodded towards Misumon specifically. “'Cause I don't think we have much of a chance with out 'em.”

Maia glanced over at Misumon in silence. She thought back to the beaver's earlier actions, saving her life not once, but twice, in a short amount of time. If she hadn't appeared when she did, Maia would have probably been little more than specs in the teeth of Allomon. Then, the second time, she knocked her away from the flying debris.

The girl shook her head a bit, “Right.” she showed no signs of apologizing to the little beaver. Misumon frowned a bit, wondering just why she had to get stuck with the grouch of the group. However, something told the beaver that she shouldn't give up on her just yet...

Though her faith was starting to slip.

“Maybe you're not happy here,” Brian spoke. “I can't imagine who would be, but I think that we just gotta deal. Being pissed off all the time isn't going to help, and will probably just piss others off too,” he laughed a bit, drawing in another drag of his cigarette.


Maia stood in silent agreement. She wasn't about to admit that that slob, Brian, had a point. He was a jerk, and things about him certainly didn't sit right with her, but he did have a fair point. “I think this is enough for now,” Maia spoke, having a fair-sized bundle of sticks in her arms. Brian nodded, grabbing a few branches he had gathered, and the bark Misumon had broken off.

Brian let a small grin of relief and accomplishment cross his face. He could already feel the tension in the air slip a bit, as Maia wasn't giving off that frightening aura any longer. He dropped his cigarette to the ground, and stomped it out, and followed the girls back to camp.

*** *** ***

“Don't pick those, they'll turn your face green,” Finnmon spoke unconsciously, as Tyson had been reaching for a batch of berries. Tyson blinked, glancing back at the amphibious digimon.

“How do you know that? Isn't your face green...?” his question went unanswered as Finnmon continued to gather a arm-full of oddly-shaped fruits. Tyson had removed his jacket to act as a way to carry all the foods, and a stable supply was beginning to build atop it. “Anyway,” Tyson started. “Where were you and Brian earlier? You didn't hear the commotion?”

“Tch,” Finnmon scoffed, adding another handful of berries to their pile. “We heard it, but he refused to go.” Tyson blinked, glancing back at him in a bit of confusion. Though, he probably had a fairly good idea. Brian seemed to be the type that talked big, but hardly backed it up. At least in the face of real danger.

Tyson felt himself grin at that thought. He added a few mushrooms, which Finnmon had said were fine, to the pile. “He's a punk,” Tyson started up again. “I'm pretty sure he just prides himself on bullying weak kids, and probably stealing, or something,” Tyson shrugged.

“Whatever it takes to get by,” Finnmon responded. “To each his own, but he'd better man-up for the next fight, or we're gunna have words,” he added a final handful of food to their pile.

“I think this should do,” Tyson dusted off his hands. Finnmon nodded.

“We have some more, as well,” both Tyson and Finnmon glanced in the direction of the new voice. Tyson grinned a bit, seeing a pair of familiar faces. A bright-blonde haired boy, and a wolf digimon.

“Er... hey, dude,” he gave a wave to the boy, having forgotten his name. Though, thinking back, he wasn't even sure if he'd heard it.

“Jett,” Jett added in.

“Good to see you're still in one piece.” Tyson grinned. Jett only responded with a simple nod, standing before him.

“Did you set up camp?” Tyson nodded, explaining to him they'd set it up a short ways back, in the clearing. Jett only nodded, before he and Weimon moved onward. The two of them gave off a tense silence. Tyson's smile altered slightly as he watched them.

“Great, more pissed off people,” Tyson grumbled quietly, as not to be heard. He wasn't in the mood for any more confrontation for now. At least they brought some more food to their would-be table. Tyson wrapped up his coat, and he and Finnmon made their way back to camp.

*** *** ***

Huey sat in silence as everyone began coming back. First Brian, Maia, and Misumon, who had all started immediately setting up the fire. Huey sat atop his rock, watching in silence. He was none too pleased with his sister at the moment. He couldn't stand her buzz-kill attitude. Didn't she get it? Drakemon and Tyson would keep them safe. She just didn't have the same faith in them that Huey had.

The blonde boy frowned, ignoring his sister's occasional glances at him. “Huey, perhaps you should relax yourself,” Bazamon offered from the boy's side. “Your sister seems to have calmed as well,” he added, speaking in a hushed tone.

“No way,” Huey shook his head. “She'll get cranky again soon, just watch,” he insisted. “She's kinda uptight, ya know? And clingy. At least this way she gives me some space.” It wasn't entirely clear whether he was heard by the girl or not, and he didn't seem to mind either way.

“Please consider that this is a stressful time for all of you, including her,” Bazamon spoke knowingly. It didn't take a that much a genius to figure out that she was upset, especially over her brother. “I do believe she only wants to see you safe.” Huey huffed, turning his head to the side.

Maybe he had a point...

Huey released a small breath, then nodded. “Alright,” he offered a small smile to the bird digimon. “You're pretty smart, Bazamon,” he added with praise.

“Oh yes, I think so too,” the bird said with a polite bow. His beak was curved into a sly grin. Huey wasn't sure if he was joking around, of if he actually was overconfident. Huey jumped down from his rock, and about the same time, Jett, Weimon, returned with Finnmon and Tyson not far behind. It was a bit of a surprise to see their fifth pair return.

“Hey, man, still alive I see,” Brian offered with a simple, two-fingered wave. Jett simply nodded, and he and Weimon placed the food near the fire. Brian was next to said fire, well, fire-in-progress. His lighter sparked a few times, attempting to light the dried out leaves to bring the fire to life.

“Allow me,” Weimon spoke, approaching the fire. His hand sparked with electrical energy, which singed against the wood a few times. After a brief moment, a small fire had started up. It glowed brighter, as Brian moved the piece of lit wood to other portions of their campfire. It was a full-sized fire in a few moments.

“Nice,” Brian beamed. “So what did you get?”

“Lots of stuff,” Tyson spoke, fishing through the multitude of fruits they had gathered. “I don't know what it is,” he shrugged, handing out different pieces to everyone to test.

“Is this edible...?” Maia asked, observing the black-colored fruit. It was shaped something like a lemon, but had the firmness of a peace.

“Yeah,” Misumon added, seated next to her partner, starting into her own. As she took a bite, a pink inside was revealed. “Loms are delicious,” she added with a grin. Maia looked down at her own, seemingly contemplating for a moment. She smelled it, receiving a citrus-y scent in return. Looking around, she had seen everyone else doing something similar to her(at least the humans).

Tyson bit into a green-colored fruit, which had a squarish shape to it. A darker-green liquid squeezed from it, sliding down his chin a bit. Tyson chewed, swallowed, then smacked his lips. “Hey! These are really good,” he said excitedly, before diving back into the fruit.

“Slow down,” Weimon warned, sitting not far from him. Tyson seemed to pay him no mind. “Squills tend to make you sick if you eat too quickly.” The brunette teen had been engulfing the fruit so quickly. It was too delicious for him to listen to reason.

After a moment, he finished the delectable fruit. He sucked his forefinger clean, before wiping his own face clean. “Man, that was great! And I'm not even hungry any...more...” the teens looked over at Tyson, who had suddenly put a hand to his stomach. “Awe, man...”

The boy bolted up, and ran into a near-by grouping of trees. Maia only shook her head as the sounds of Weimon being proven correct could be heard. “Well, there goes my appetite,” Brian tossed his half-eaten 'Lom' into the pile of other food. “I'm going to crash for the night,” he plopped himself down on his back, folding his arms behind his head.

“We can go over details about what's going on later,” Finnmon yawned, quite in agreement with his partner.

“Huey, you should too,” Maia said, rather quietly. The boy was watching in the direction Tyson had gone, but nodded eventually. He laid down on his side, and Bazamon landed next to him. Jett stared into the fire, sitting directly across from Maia. After close to half an hour, Tyson had wandered back to the camp site.

He was rubbing his stomach, his mouth bended into a frown. “Man... how can something so good be so bad,” he whined, sitting himself down in his former spot, between Maia and Huey.

“I recall warning you,” Weimon spoke. Tyson chose not to respond to that, looking around at the others as they slept. Misumon had taken a spot a few feet from Maia, curled up. Brian and Finnmon laid a short ways past her, the former using his arms as a pillow, while the latter was sprawled out on his stomach.

“I think someone should stand watch,” Maia spoke quietly. Tyson nodded in agreement with that idea.

“I can go first,” Tyson offered, placing a hand atop Rakumon's back, patting him gently.

“Maybe you should get some rest,” Maia offered. “Since you're sick.” Tyson looked exasperated. “I will,” she stood up. Misumon cracked open an eye, proving she wasn't entirely asleep.

“Come wake me in a couple hours,” Jett spoke, his voice carried a certain cool tone to it. Tyson laid down as Maia stood up. He folded his hands over his stomach, about to use his jacket as a pillow, but paused as he watched Maia stop near Huey. He tossed the coat at her, which she caught. “Keep yours, it might get chilly if you're away from the fire,” he offered a small smile.

Maia nodded thankfully, laying Tyson's coat over top of Huey. The boy rustled a bit, but his grip around Bazamon tightened, and he laid still a moment later. The girl walked out a short ways, not entirely sure where the best spot to stand watch would be. There were a lot of trees around.

“This tree should be easy enough to get up into,” Misumon spoke after a few minutes of walking, her claws clicking against the rock that was near it. She jumped up to the branch, before moving to the next one, which seemed to be quite sturdy. She gave a couple of jumps, finding it not even flinching. “I think it should hold you.”

Maia said nothing, and followed the digimon up into the tree. Misumon moved out further on the branch, allowing the girl to seat herself next to the tree. It seemed to be quite sound, Maia didn't feel it creek in the least. A silence broke out between the two females, lasting for a good while.

Maia had looked ahead, while Misumon checked behind her. “Do you think...” Maia started suddenly, gathering the beaver's attention. She looked over at Maia with curiosity. “...It's possible for us to get home?” she asked. “Huey's too young to be here, especially,” she added.

Misumon frowned slightly, turning back towards her 'post'. “To be honest... I'm not sure,” she spoke. “Even if we do manage to find a village tomorrow, there's no guarantee it will be easy to find a portal. They don't exactly pop up wherever.”

“How did you all get to Earth, then?” Maia asked, still keeping her gaze ahead.

“The Digimon Gods sent us.” Maia spared a glance to the digimon this time.

“Digimon... gods?” her eyebrow quirked. Misumon nodded.

“They can make portals to Earth. They really don't show up anywhere else, at least ones big enough for us to use. At least back to Earth... Portals leading to other parts of the Digital World tend to pop up a lot.” Maia nodded, looking ahead again.

“Where can we find these 'gods'?” Maia asked.

“The have towers placed in different parts of the Digital World. At least that's what I hear.” Misumon continued, scratching her own strange-looking ear appendage a bit. “The only one that I know of for sure is outside of Digica. Which, considering I honestly have no real idea where we are, might be a ways from here.”

“I see,” Maia spoke quietly. In her hands, she held that purple object. She didn't know why, but she felt it was some sort of comfort to her. She stared at the blank screen in complete silence.

“But if you want to go home that badly, then we'll talk to them. I promise to keep you and Huey safe until we get there.” Maia looked over at Misumon with a bit of surprise.

“Why?” Misumon blinked, looking back to her. The two of them exchanged confused glances for a moment.

“Because, that's my job, you know,” she gave a half smile. “Even if you don't like me much, I still intend to look out for you.” Maia shrunk away at those words, feeling a bit of guilt fill her stomach.

“Thank you, Misumon,” the girl spoke after a few moments of silence. Misumon said nothing, deciding to accept that as a step in the right direction. The pair spent the rest of their watch in silence. At least this time it was a calm, tense-free silence.

Maia had a lot on her mind, but at least now there was some hope.

*** *** ***

A couple of hours later, into the night, Maia stayed true to her word, and returned to camp. Misumon was walking next to her, going to take her former spot before they had opted to stand watch. “Jett,” Maia whispered, placing a hand to the blonde's shoulder, shaking slightly.

Jett's eyes fluttered open, looking over at the girl. He stood up rather quickly, and smoothly. Maia had wondered if he was even really asleep. He brushed his fingers through his blonde hair, before placing the glasses on the ground next to him, back on his face. Weimon stood up, as if he realized that Jett had only a moment ago. “There's a tree up ahead, it's easy to get up to, and it should be a good spot to watch.” Jett nodded, pocketing his hands, starting down in the direction Maia had indicated.

“By the way,” Maia spoke up again, gathering Jett's attention. “Thanks for helping out earlier, you know, with Huey and that Wendigo-thing.” Jett didn't say anything, and only returned a simple nod. Maia watched him disappear into the trees ahead.

The girl moved over to lay herself on the ground, probably willing to admit that she was quite tired. Standing watch wasn't necessarily fun work, and managed to leave her bored. Boredom lead her to tiredness. At least it gave her some time to relax and think about what was happening. The girl made herself comfortable, closing her eyes a few moments later.

*** *** ***

Jett sat in silence, perched on the very tree that Maia had told him of. In his hands, he held the object which Weimon had told him was the 'D-Hub'. The teen was currently looking through the object, finally feeling he had a chance to relax. He and Weimon had avoided trouble, so far that day. They had heard the sounds of fighting earlier, as well, but by the time they had arrived, the combatants were long gone.

Upon investigation, Weimon informed that it must have been Rakumon and the others that were there, as he seemed to be able to recognize their scent.

Jett fiddled with the device, clicking one of the buttons. Again, it had brought up the projected map section. It was a map neither he nor Weimon recognized. Weimon had informed him that they were in another world, but that wasn't entirely logical. At least, in thought. He supposed it were possible, though quite doubtful.

However, he'd never seen trees such as these, nor especially the creatures that he was currently associating with. The sky seemed different too, as there were not one, but two moons. The second moon, smaller and red in comparison to the larger, blue one, both stood next to each other, high in the sky. Jett knew that life was impossible on other planets, at least for humans, so he'd doubted that they were somewhere else in their own solar system.

He still had no explanation as to exactly where this place that Weimon called the 'Digital World' was located. Jett's finger clicked over another button on the D-Hub, revealing a blank projection screen. No data was shown. Maybe it needed something to gather data on...? He looked to the nearest thing towards him: Weimon.

“Weimon, Rookie Level, Vaccine, Beast Type Digimon...” Jett read aloud in an interested tone. On the screen was a 3-D modle of Weimon, as well as a plethora of information about him, including attacks, general statistics, and a handful of other facts about the digimon. Or more specifically, his 'species'.

“The D-Hub seems to have many features,” spoke Weimon knowingly. “Apollomon told us that it can download data in the area, including maps, profiles on digimon, as well as a database of general information.” the wolf had taken a spot not far from Jett, but a bit higher. He had been carefully watching both sides as his partner had busied himself with expanding his knowledge.


“I see,” Jett responded. He clicked the next button, bringing up what Weimon called the 'database'. Another screen had projected once again, showing a small list of a number of words. Words like 'Rookie', 'Champion', 'Ultimate', 'Digica', 'Digimon Data', were displayed on screen, along with a number of others.

Proceeding through each one, he learned that the first three seemed to be levels of the digimon, each more powerful than the last. Weimon was identified as a 'Rookie', before, meaning he must have been pretty low tier. Evolution was the next term he had selected. He read the information off in silence.

Evolution: A next step of power for each digimon. His mind read. Over time, digimon are able to naturally evolve, and eventually, can make the change permanent if they so choose. It takes many years for a digimon to master evolution. However, certain methods, specifically that of the D-Hub, are able to speed up evolution in short intervals.

“So this means you can also evolve?” Jett asked, looking towards Weimon. The wolf nodded.

“As we were told, I can only assume. I am not sure how the process happens, though. The gods said it isn't immediate, and that it takes a level of understanding to achieve it.” Jett nodded. “Among other things.” Jett's interest peaked at that, but Weimon shook his head. “Unfortunately, they left that for us to learn ourselves. They said we will learn much, both you and we digimon, and that we need to learn these things on our own.”

Though that seemed somewhat inconvenient, Jett was ultimately okay with that. He enjoyed investigating things, and discovering answers of his own abilities, and not simply being told them. He favored challenges of ones intellect. The youth continued through the words, this time selecting 'Digimon Data'.

“Digimon Data: Data is the make-up of digmon, originating from a 'digital core'. It forms their bodies, minds, and is able to create some emotions in some. Some digimon have a more deeply aligned data code, making them far more sentient than others. As digimon ascend levels in evolution, their data is increased, and becomes more condensed. When a digimon is killed, his data will disperse, before it returns to the skies of the digital world, eventually to be reformatted, along with a multitude of other digimon data. It will break off, format, and form new digimon, and eggs will randomly materialize throughout the Digital World. He allowed his mind to read what was displayed before him, noting the second paragraph as he continued.

Digimon Data can be absorbed into the D-Hub, and can be used in a number of ways, including strengthening a digimon, or the ability to format it more quickly, and more precisely. The actual process of this is not contained within this databank. Jett mulled over the thoughts.

Jett found this particularly interesting. So if digimon died, their data would be recycled, repopulating the planet. He could also use his digivice to take this data for later use, as well. At least, that's what he understood from this. Though, he did find himself wondering just how data could have feelings and emotions. He wondered just how detailed this whole data system went. That made Weimon and the other digimon data too, then?

If they were in a world of only data, then that left him with even more questions as to exactly how that was even possible. Did that mean humans were data too? “Do digimon have books?” Jett asked. “Sources of information?”

“Several,” Weimon answered. “Though you usually only find libraries and larger, more detailed databases within the larger cities of the Digital World. Like Digica, or the Underground City.” Jett nodded understandingly. “Digimon out in the wilderness like this tend to be more primitive. Not always hostile, mind you, but far less advanced than those in the larger cities.”

Weimon halted himself from talking. Jett looked at him, watching his ear twitch slightly. “What is it?”

“A digimon,” Weimon spoke. “I have no idea if it's hostile.”

“Investigate, I'll go get the others.” Weimon nodded, jumping down from the tree, and running forward, disappearing into the brush ahead. Jett jumped down from the tree as well, landing in a small kneel. He stood up, and started in a light jog back to camp.

*** *** ***

“Five more minutes...” Tyson's groan could be heard as Maia shook him awake. The girl seethed, shaking her head. Brian sat up, rubbing his eyes, with Finnmon next to him, yawning loudly. Huey too was in a seated position, fixing the cream-colored beanie atop his head.

“Do we know what the digimon is?” asked Bazamon. Jett shook his head, drawing out his D-Hub at that comment. He pressed the only other button he had yet to. A screen projected before him, showing a mass of trees, one which was in partial view, covered by leaves. Jett could spot the very tip of a black nose.

“Weimon?” Jett questioned.

Jett?” the wolf's voice was returned in a whisper. Jett had seemingly been looking through his partner's own eyes, thanks to the device. Before the wolf, somewhat downward, indicating he must have been up in a tree, observing, was a purple-hued rabbit creature. The thing, which Jett presumed to be another digimon, was dressed in an orange tunic, and had some sort of gauntlets along each arm.

She seemed to be sniffing the area. Jett felt a touch of his nerves as the rabbit looked directly upward, eyes acting is if they were looking into his own. Weimon had been found. There was a small silence, the group had gathered around Jett, also looking at the screen.

The rabbit warrior suddenly shot forward in a flash, untraceable by anyone's eyes. The next sound heard was Weimon crying out in pain, and the screen blackened. Jett's grip unwittingly tightened around the device. “Weimon, where are you?”

The wolf's eyes had opened, and he was far closer to the enemy digimon this time. The image was blurry, as if the device was acting entirely off of Weimon's own perception of things. With a grunt, the warrior flung her gauntlet-arm forward, striking him lower, no doubt in the chest. The wolf soared powerfully forward.

The sound of cracking branches could be heard not far ahead, before Weimon came crashing down into the ground, just a few yards ahead from the group. He laid still, clearly dazed from the powerful strike. Jett looked over at him, most of the rest of the kids gasped.

Seemingly appearing in a flash, atop one of the nearby trees, there was the digimon. “Ah, I see you must be the humans I was informed about.”

“Informed about?” Finnmon inquired, he and the rest of the digimon had taken defensive stances in front of their partners. “By who?”

“Trade secret, I'm afraid,” the lips of the rabbit curled into a smile. “I don't reveal my sources. All I will tell you is that I was sent here to neutralize the threat.”

“By that you mean kill us, am I right?” Misumon asked, her voice filled with contempt.

“If you prefer to put it that way, then yes, to kill you.” She stood up, the gauntlets on her arms shifting themselves, pointing outward. The seemed to be sharp, comparable to a pair of katars.

“Turuiemon,” Tyson started up, having aimed his digivice forward at the digimon. “Data, Beast Man Type Digimon... Uh, Nature Spirit's Field again, and her special attacks are Ninja Claw, and and Lightning Fist.” The boy lowered the device, huffing a bit. “She's an Adult level, like Allomon.”. The group stood nervously, staring down the enemy. Tyson glanced at his partner.

“Rakumon, can you evolve again?” the dragon stood poised, ready to defend himself. Jett spared a glance their way. So the dragon had evolved, earlier, then?

“I don't think so,” Rakumon replied. “I'm not even sure I can fight that well, at the moment,” he was winded, and still tired, that much was obvious. Tyson frowned, clenching his digivice tighter.

“I bet you can if we find you the strength! Let's go!” Tyson declared, pumping a fist forward. The dragon shot forward, leaping into the air.

“Power Hook!” the dragon struck out his claws, glowing with energy, attempting to contact the rabbit. The digimon seemingly disappeared from view, before appearing behind the dragon in a flash. Rakumon's eyes widened briefly, before a powerful kick met his back. He went sailing forward, slamming into a tree with a loud yelp.

He slid down, landing head first, now down for the count. Tyson bit his lip in uncertainty. It seemed he really was too exhausted to fight again.

“C'mon, boys,” Misumon ordered, jumping forward. A number of bubbles surrounded her body, and she shot quickly at the rabbit. “Bubble Slam!” Turuiemon managed to avoid the direct attack, moving swiftly to the side, where she delivered a hand strike to the beaver's back, causing her to crash down into the dirt and grass below.

“Talon Grip!” A pair of sharp, bird claws raked at the rabbit from above. The digmion narrowly avoided it, though the bird managed to scrape her ear. The bunny shot her hand out swiftly, snatching Bazamon swiftly. The bird squawked in surprise.

“Pebble Barrage!” this came from the green digimon. Turuiemon had heard the call, and immediately swung around, still managing to stay in the air. She flung the bird with a surprising force, and he crashed head-on into Finnmon. The pebbles fell to the ground before the attack could even be executed. The two groaned.

“She's way too fast for them,” Tyson spoke the obvious, his grip tightened around the digivice. “What are we going to do?”

“I think running is a good idea,” Brian spoke, taking a single step back.

“Impossible.” Jett spoke, cutting off the forming ideas in some of the group's heads. “She will catch us in an instant.” The rabbit smirked, landing on the ground before the humans. She gave a swift kick to the already downed Finnmon and Bazamon, sending them flying away from the area, biting the dirt some yards away.

“Bazamon!” Huey called, but silenced himself as the rabbit took a step forward. Maia grabbed a hold of her younger brother protectively, moving back a couple steps. Tyson threw a glance at Jett, whispering his name. It was a wonder if the two were sharing the same thoughts. Tyson hoped so at least. From the corner of his eye, he caught Jett looking away briefly, before moving his blue eyes back at him.

The brunette suddenly shot forward in a desperate attempt, trying to take a swing at the rabbit. The digimon didn’t' even flinch as the fist slammed into her chest. It was practically useless, leaving Tyson quite stunned from the events. “Well... that's not good.” he spoke flatly, before Turuiemon's hand wrapped around his wrist, hiking him up into the air.

“Let me show you how to preform a punch,” she smirked, pulling her arm back. Tyson cringed—apparently Jett didn't get the intended message.

Or maybe he did.

Turuiemon suddenly screamed out, feeling a searing pain in her back. Her grip immediately released on Tyson, and the boy fell to the ground with a yelp. The rabbit spun around, revealing Jett standing behind her, holding a stick, touched with smoulders on the end of it. No doubt he had grabbed it from the fire in her distraction, and had the nerve to strike her in the back with it.

“You die first, boy!” she hissed, going into a sudden kick at Jett.

In her rush and slight confusion, the ninja rabbit had failed to see the threat coming at her side. Her eyes widened as she attempted to look in the direction of the crackling sound. “Lightning Kick!” a dark-blue foot struck her had in the jaw, sending her skidding back, across the ground.

Her weapons dug into the ground, halting her slide. She looked up with a low hiss, her cheek left with a nasty mark. Weimon now stood defensively next to Jett, catching his breath. “You will not lay a hand on him.” the digimon insisted, his voice commanding, showing signs of slight agitation.

Jett spared a glance towards the digimon that had called himself his partner. “You will pay dearly for that,” Turuiemon spoke, her voice tense. She was losing focus, already getting sloppy, from the multiple distractions. That much was clear to Jett.

He had taken a big risk, but somehow, he had a sort of confidence that Weimon would come to his aid. The digimon seemed protective the moment they met. It was unexplainable as to why, but it was obvious. Jett thought back to the moment Tyson and he exchanged glances. His eyes had set on Weimon, noticing the digimon had gotten up.

Tyson served as an excellent distraction, and Jett kept that distraction going for a few moments longer. Now, however, it seemed there would be no more distractions. It was quite obvious that Turuiemon had her gaze fixated on Weimon. She was enraged by the pair, daring to strike her like that.

“Ninja Claw!” the rabbit tore forward. Weimon pushed Jett away swiftly, before jumping high into the air. The arm blades of the digimon glowed as she took a swing, narrowly missing the wolf. A ball of electric energy sparked in his fist, before he attempted to strike at her back.

The rabbit had seemingly predicted this, however, spinning around. “Lightning Fist!” she shouted, her fist shot forward in a blitz, incredibly quick, and untraceable. Weimon found no way to avoid this immediate attack, and it struck him directly in his abdomen. The wolf released a cough of pain, feeling the wind knocked entirely from his being.

“Dammit!” Jett spat, feeling a slight bit of nervousness. His confidence in the digimon didn't seem to falter though. He was taking damage, but something about him seemed... determined. Determined to protect Jett. Jett didn't understand, but he did feel grateful for it.

His hand tightened around the blue device in his free hand. He threw the smoldering stick down, before the digivice seemingly sparked in blue. “Weimon, I am placing my confidence in you, don't fail against her.” Jett spoke at the device. His grip did not loosen.

Weimon felt something inside of him seem to strengthen. He was in the process of being thrown back from the powerful attack. He felt the world slow around him as he heard Jett's words, clear as day.

A blue spark surrounded both Jett's hand and the device enclosed within it. Light seemed to emanate from the D-Hub, brightly. Words began to type themselves across the screen...



“Weimon, digivolve to...!

Light encompassed the little wolf's form. His body seemed to break apart, revealing a grid of blue data beneath his outward appearance. His hands, feet, tail, and nose all began to seemingly tear away, and codes of data wrapped around his form tightly. That code broke apart, revealing a four-legged digimon taking his place. He shared the same, dark-blue fur, and white stripes as his former level. The digimon released a howl, before whirling the dark-green cloth in his mouth around his own neck. It draped down, covering his right, fore arm slightly. It seemed more of a scarf, now.



The wolf had immediately recovered from his injury, mid flight, and claws his feet into the dirt. Jett looked over the wolf, taking in his new appearance. He had a similar color scheme to Weimon, but now looked far more wolf-like. The digimon had a sprawling, white mane of fur along his head, down his back part way, and the white fur seemed to be present on his feet as well. Two belts on each forearm of the wolf were present, just below his elbows. The green cloak that Weimon wore was also present.

“You evolved?! I was told that you wouldn't be able to do so!” Turuiemon snarled, waiting, sizing up her enemy.

Brian seemed to interrupt the tense silence. “That would be Keracomon, Vaccine, Champion Level, Beast Type digimon... Special Attacks are Volt Charge, Dynamic Beat, and Lightning Howl,” Brian lowered his green device, grinning a bit. “Nice.”

“Weimon changed, just like Rakumon,” Huey spoke, quite in awe of the events.

“These guys cut it way too close,” Misumon sighed, picking herself up from the ground. Not far away, Finnmon and Bazamon were doing something similar. Rakumon, however, seemed to have taken to going back to sleep for the time being.

“Awesome!” Tyson declared, fist-pumping, over his previous experience with the rabbit digimon. “Let's see some action!” he grinned excitedly.

Keracomon stared at Turuiemon. The digimon was waiting, so was he. They both knew this battle was about to change drastically. Keracomon felt a powerful energy flowing through him. Jett's confidence in him had given him this ability to evolve. For this reason, the wolf felt a devotion already start to form towards his partner.

“You attacked my partner. For this reason, I will not allow you leave this place alive.” Turuiemon forced a laugh at this.

“Let's see you make good on your threat.” The rabbit seemed to disappear once again, before appearing behind the larger wolf digimon. Keracomon moved swiftly to the side, avoiding the powerful fist, which crashed into the ground below, leaving a sharp indent. Turuiemon's eyes were wide with surprise.

He's so much faster now!

“Volt Charge!” Keracomon howled, shooting forward in a blitz of energy. Blue surrounded the digimon, and he seemingly disappeared for a brief moment. As his form refocused, he wasn't but an inch from the rabbit. He rammed himself harshly into the rabbit's side, and she emitted a scream of pain, before she was sent careening back across the dirt.

She attempted to recover herself, but the wolf was right at her once again. He raked his claws downward, and the rabbit rose her arm in defense. His deep-purple claws struck against the metal, causing a painful screech. “You're... so fast!” Turuiemon snapped, demand in her voice.

“Fast enough for you,” the wolf spoke, before ending the collision. Turuiemon swung out at him as he pushed himself back. She narrowly missed, tearing the cloth around his neck slightly. Turuiemon glanced over to the other group of kids. She needed an edge, and she knew just how to get it.

The digimon suddenly dug her arm blade into the dirt, throwing the small pieces of ground towards Keracomon. Teh attack did little more than distract him for a brief moment. It was all she needed. Her form seemingly disappeared, before reappearing before the rest of the children. Surely he would be far less adamant about these ones.

“Awe man,” Tyson felt the breath escape his lips as the rabbit seemingly prepared an attack for them. She didn’t seem to have an actual target, and probably intended to end them all in one strike. Maia clung tightly to Huey, Brian and Tyson could only stare back in fright.

“Dynamic Beat!” Keracomon's figure suddenly slammed violently into the rabbit's back, driving her harshly into the dirt below. She howled in pain as she felt a powerful, electric current flow through her body. Keracomon pinned her down with incredible force, growling lowly. “If you doubt that I will let up if you attack the other kids, you are sorely mistaken.”

Turuiemon's form sparked, before the electric current suddenly pulsed through her with extreme force. She cried out as the energy essentially fried her. After a few moments, her form lay still. Static surrounded her, and her form began to phase in and out.

In in instant, her form burst into a mass of data. It lingered for a brief moment, before Jett pressed a button on the device, drawing the 'data' into it. On screen, it read 'Data Loaded'. Keracomon stationed himself there for a moment, glancing at the other humans, who had their gazes fixated on him.

“That was electrifying,” Tyson declared with a broad, cheesy grin.

“Tyson, shut up,” Maia spoke, releasing a sharp breath of annoyance. The boy chuckled, scratching the back of his head lightly.

Jett approached the others, looking over at Keracomon with a studying gaze. “Good work.” he complimented coolly. Keracomon returned the gaze to his partner, accepting the praise in silence. Jett carefully placed a hand against the wolf's fur, feeling a slight tingle as he did so. It seemed his fur was electrified, which would explain the spikiness of it.

Jett then climbed on the wolf's back, looking down at the others, giving them a nod. Keracomon turned his back to them, taking a few steps forward. “Wait, you're leaving?” Tyson asked in confusion. Jett glanced back, giving a nod.

“This place is dangerous,” Maia reminded. “Why not stay with us.”

“We have different goals,” Jett spoke. “You want to go back to Earth. I don't.” it seemed as simple as that, and with those words, Keracomon moved forward quickly, before disappearing into the woods ahead.

“Those two are weird,” Tyson decided, folding his arms. “Well, whatever,” he shrugged, before heading over to the still-sleeping Rakumon.

“I really hate this place,” Brian sighed as Finnmon rejoined his side. “You know that?”

“Now what do we do?” Huey asked, looking down to Bazamon. The bird didn't seem too bad off, if only a bit bruised. “What do you think, Bazamon?”

“I am not sure it's safe here any longer,” the digimon spoke.

“I vote, if we're all up for it,” Tyson started up, glancing back at his allies, attempting to wake up Rakumon. “That we keep moving, then. If we get too tired, we can always set up another camp site.” the group seemed to agree with this for the most part, and decided that Tyson's suggestion was the best course of action.

Maia glanced down to Misumon as the beaver returned to her side. A number of thoughts crossed the girl's mind. Why did she tell me those things...? Maia wondered, her gaze turning a bit scolding, unwittingly. They had relied on someone else to bail them out. Even though no one was injured, aside from a few bruises, Maia couldn't help but to feel a bit of doubt in the beaver.

Why did she make a promise she couldn't keep herself?

To Be Continued...