Digimon :: Core

There they were, five kids and five creatures, that had called themselves 'Digimon'. Jett stared among them, unable to decipher exactly what was going on in front of him. These creatures defied all sorts of logic. Where had they come from? They had an animal-like appearance about them, each of them taking the form of some sort of creature he knew to exist, however, none of them seemed to actually be those respective creatures, and only shared similar elements in appearance.

No animals could talk, at least of their own volition. What's more, where had they come from? Jett's dark-blue eyes moved to the dark-blue wolf that now stood before him. Around his neck was a dark-green cloak of some sort, which fell around his back partially, and covered his right arm. The wolf-creature's green eyes stared back up, meeting Jett's.

“We're Digimon, and we've come here asking for your help.” 

Those words had been spoke a few moments ago, from the rust-colored dragon that now stood near the one known as Tyson. Jett tried to piece together the bits of knowledge he had at this moment, attempting to reason in his mind exactly what was happening here.

He knew, somehow, that the device, the digivice that they each had found earlier, had something to do with these creatures. As well as with that creature that was currently sprawled out before them. Jett had no idea if he were dead, and his eyes fixated on him carefully.

“He's still alive,” the wolf responded coolly, almost as if he were reading the boy's mind. He turned his head to share the glance with the one he called his 'partner'. “Just unconscious for now.”

“So where did you all come from?” Tyson asked curiously, having squatted down to meet eye-level with the dragon creature known as Rakumon.

The dragon pointed at himself with a single claw, leading Tyson to give a nod. “Oh, the Digital World, of course.” he beamed.

“And what is the 'Digital World'?” asked Brian this time, eyebrow raised as he looked down at the green, amphibious creature that stood before him. The one known as Finnmon scoffed, folding his arms.

“It's where digimon live, y'know, haven't you ever heard of it?” he sounded almost impatient. It was as if they expected this foreign world, and themselves, to actually be common knowledge.

“Nope,” Tyson replied this time. “I've never heard of digimon either...” Tyson shrugged. “In fact, all of this is just plain weird. Awesome,” he added quickly, but continued, “...but weird.” He glanced over to his sibling neighbors just a few feet away. Maia was still clinging tightly to her younger brother, but the boy had been warming up to the bird that stood before them. He wasn't speaking, but the two of them were looking at each other, as if to study one another.

“So, Bazamon, right?” the younger boy spoke, attempting to move away from his sister a bit. Maia didn't seem to agree with that, and tightened her grip ever so slightly. She hadn't spoken a word since the other Digimon arrived. Tyson knew she was nervous, upset even. Maia hated to witness strange, unexplainable things. He was willing to be at this very moment, she was going through some sort of process of denial.

“Maia, let go,” Huey said lowly, but commandingly. The girl didn't respond to his request. “Come on, it's fine, they aren't going to hurt us,” he insisted, his tone growing slightly more agitated.

“We don't know what they are,” Maia spoke back in a low but firm whisper.

“They're Digimon, weren't you listening?” Huey asked incredulously. “Now, let go!” with that, he jerked himself free of his sister's hold. The girl was a bit surprised, but quieted herself before reply. She watched him in silence as the boy reached out a hand to Bazamon.

“There is no need to be impatient, dear boy,” Bazamon spoke calmly, but extended his own wing tips to meet Huey's fingers. “And I assure you, young lady,” he directed his gaze at Maia this time. She felt a pang of nervousness build up as he addressed her. “We mean you all no harm. It's quite the opposite in fact.”

“Yeah,” Misumon grabbed hold of the conversation next, taking a step closer to Maia. The girl visibly retracted, clearly scared at the moment. “We need your help, anyway. That's why we came here, we're your partners.” Maia only stared back. “Don't speak much, do you?” the girl continued to stare. “Hello?” Misumon waved a tiny paw in front of the girl's face, before huffing a bit. “Come on, if we were meaning to hurt you, we'd have done it by now, you know.” She reached a paw out towards Maia.

The girl retracted again, before standing up. She snatched Huey suddenly by the hand, leading the boy to a yelp of surprise. “We're leaving, right now.” The boys and digimon all looked at her with confusion.

“Maia, c'mon, this is too crazy. We can't leave until we figure this—“ Maia shook her head to cut Tyson off, before turning to him with a stern gaze.

“This is way too crazy for a bunch of kids. We need to leave, right now, and... and call the police, or... animal control, or something,” she insisted, her voice filling with worry with every passing moment. Tyson sighed a bit. “What if that thing wakes up? And what's to say these things won't hurt us? It's way too dangerous here, now.”

Huey jerked his hand away from his sister, looking up at her with an accusing glance. “Just because you're scared doesn't mean you need to be a jerk about it.” Maia seemed surprised as she looked at her younger brother. “Go if you want, but I'm not leaving,” the young boy crossed his arms firmly over his chest, putting on something comparable to a pout. Maia only briefly glanced at him, before lowering her head a bit.

“I don't think we should leave, either,” Tyson added. “I mean, aren't you even curious?” Maia only shook her head.

“I dunno, I'm kinda with her,” Brian interjected. “This is way too weird.” He folded his arms. Maia spared a glance at the boy that she honestly couldn't stand. She wasn't sure if he was agreeing her for the simple fact he wanted to somehow impress her, or if he genuinely felt the same. Either way, it did little to calm her nerves.

“I want answers,” Jett spoke coolly, pocketing his hands. “And the only way we'll get that is by staying here.” Tyson gave him a nod of agreement. “If you don't want to be here, then leave.” his voice carried a very cold tone with it, as if he were completely cutting off the conversation.

Before another word could be spoken, a loud, sparking sound rang out. A sudden, powerful win seemed to be blowing down on them from above, causing the humans to wince. The digimon simply looked upward, each of them showing no signs of confusion or fear.

“The portal is starting to act up again,” Rakumon spoke, before glancing back at the humans and his digimon allies. He wasn't entirely surprised to see each pair of feet slowly leave the ground. The kids, however, seemed to be quite the opposite.

“W-What's going on now?” Tyson asked, kicking his arms and legs, trying to move himself back down. The group was suspended in the air for a few moments, slowly raising upward.

“The portal is pulling us in,” Weimon's cool voice spoke to the group.

“Hold onto something!” Misumon warned. Within the next moment, a sudden force sucked them all inward. A few screams were heard, but within the next instant, everything faded into complete blackness.

Unbeknownst to any of them, the unconscious form of the Wendigomon too had risen into the air, before being drawn into the portal as well.

*** *** ***

A boy with spiky, brown hair with a slight, reddish tint to it, lay there in complete stillness. Surrounding his unconscious form was a wide array of thick, green grass, and a number of cool-colored trees, a mix of teals and greens within them. The leaves were rustling in a gentle wind, as was the boy's hair and clothing.

Tyson clenched his eyes tightly, his fingers brushing against the grass he was laying on. He didn't remember being in grass a short while ago... Then again, his memories seemed to be almost a complete blur. No, wait, there was something there.

A red device... a rust-colored dragon of some kind... digimon... that Wendigomon... So many things had come back to him in the next few moments, before his eyes shot open. Was it... a dream? His mind mulled over the question as his eyes took in his vastly different surroundings. Where am I now? Looks like some kinda forest... his mind processed more thoughts. He didn't like all this thinking. It gave him a headache.

The teen sat up, rubbing the back of his head slightly, rustling his hair. “Man... where the heck am I now?” Tyson asked himself aloud this time, looking around. Thick grass and collected trees surrounded him in every direction. The trees weren't quite normal, though, having a green and teal colored hue to them, but they looked real enough. He blinked. “I've never seen a forest like this... But how did we get here?”

“The portal, don't you remember?” Tyson jumped a bit at the second voice, glancing back. There he saw a familiar rust-colored dragon. His orange eyes were fixated on Tyson, each of them surrounded by some sort of bone structure. With the better light, Tyson was able to take in his features a bit more, and studied them in silence for a moment.

The dragon had a rusty-brown tint to his skin, aside from his belly, and his lower jaw, which were white. He had reptilian ears, something that Tyson could equate to a sea serpent. The dragon's nose was colored in maroon, as were his wrists. He had triangular shapes on each shoulder, and a number of white claws, four long ones on each hand, and three on each foot. His tail was a couple feet long, and had a silver-colored blade at the end of it. Overall, the creature stood just over 4' in height. He remembered his name, now.

“Rakumon?” The dragon gave a nod in response. “Where are we?”

“Not sure,” the dragon mused, looking around. “It's definitely the Digital World, but I'm not entirely sure where we are.” Tyson listened to the dragon's scratchy voice. He sounded young, but Tyson could feel a certain calmness and maturity about this digimon. He had a small sense of unease in him still, probably associated with the fact that it was a walking, talking dragon... but he didn't necessarily fear him. Rakumon had saved his life, after all.

“Oh!” Tyson spoke up, suddenly remembering something. “What about the others? Maia, Huey... that blonde kid, and... Brian,” he spoke the last name with a bit of distaste.

“They're around somewhere, I'm sure,” Rakumon offered a claw out to Tyson. The boy blinked, cautiously taking it. The dragon showed a surprising amount of strength, hiking him up to his feet. 


“We should probably go find them,” the dragon added, and Tyson nodded. 

“But where do we start? I bet this place is big,” the boy scratched his nose lightly, while Rakumon sniffed the air a bit.

A sudden feminine scream cut them off. Tyson looked in the direction of it, his eyes widening slightly. “That's Maia!” he spoke in a hurried tone.

“Well, that'll be where we start then,” Rakumon broke into a run. Tyson stammered a bit, then chased after him.

*** *** ***

Maia sat there in silence, observing her surroundings. Strange, foreign trees, lush, green grass, and a mid-day sun shining down from behind the trees. This place was nothing like the one she had been in before she blacked out. She had no idea where she was, and had no idea where anyone else was—if they were even here.

She had to find her brother and Tyson, and maybe those other two, and they needed to get back to their home, wherever it was. The blonde stood up immediately, looking around for some sort of clue. Maybe all that stuff before was a dream...? But if so, how did she wind up in the middle of some strange-looking forest? And what about that beaver-thing? Wasn't she supposed to be here, too?

“Why did this have to happen?” Maia asked no on in particular, lowering her head a bit. She didn't want any of this... She wished Tyson had never followed that stupid device. At the thought, she tore that very device from her belt, before throwing it harshly at a nearby tree. The plastic device clattered against it, dead-center, and fell to the ground.

It stood there, the screen blinking. Maia glared in its direction. It seemed to be pretty sturdy, much to her annoyance.

A second thought hit her as she recalled the map function. She moved back over to it, picking it up from the ground. It had retained no damage, despite the hard through. Clicking one of the buttons, a 3-D projection appeared, laying out a map of the forest. The area was completely unrecognizable. The girl cursed under her breath, clipping it to her belt, via its dark-blue strap. She knew it'd probably find its way back to her anyway, so why even bother...?

The digivice began beeping suddenly. Maia groaned, taking it from her belt again. She pressed each button, attempting to get a response. “Why won't this thing shut up?” she asked, before feeling a presence loom over her form. A large shadow became visible.

The girl felt her heart beat with nervousness, realizing that something was here with her. Whatever that was, it was big. The girl drew in a sharp breath, slowly looking behind her. Her brown eyes widened in fear as she took in what was behind her. She suddenly took a quick step back, pivoting herself around.

Before her stood a large, blue dinosaur. It must have been close to twenty feet tall. The large beast sniffed the air, before looking down at her. Maia found herself completely frozen in terror as its reddish eyes fixated on her much smaller form. Its large teeth were covered in specks of drool, trailing down his jaw. A low growl emitted from the dinosaur.

At that, Maia screamed loudly, and tore off into a run in the opposite direction. The dragon gave a roar this time, before swiftly following after her. The trees made his run harder, and slower, but the smaller being had no means of outrunning such a large beast, even if she could move her way past the trees far more easily.

Maia felt every bit of her frightened at that moment. What is that thing?! Another Digimon? It didn't matter what it was, Maia knew it intended to harm her in some way. It's a freaking dinosaur! The existence of the creature was completely unbelievable, and no matter how much the girl tried to deny it, she simply couldn't deny that it was chasing her right now, and it was extremely dangerous—deadly even.

The girl moved past one of the trees, after running for several minutes, breathing heavily. She couldn't run much further, this thing was catching up, even with the trees slowing it down. The girl spared a glance back, but it was a mistake.

Her foot kicked into a root, and she went flying forward into the grass. She let out a groan of pain, feeling the ground shake beneath her as she knew the dinosaur was closing in on her. She tried to force herself up, feeling her entire body shaking with fear and anxiety.

This can't be happening! Her eyes clenched tightly, as did her fists. She would never make it up, in time. This dinosaur was going to get her—eat her—kill her—something. She didn't know what would happen, but she knew it involved her ultimate death in some way.

She felt herself scream again as the beast's presence loomed closer to her.

“Bubble Slam!” A sudden white and purple blue shot from within the trees. It struck the dinosaur in the side of his jaw, causing him to stumble to the side. He crashed into a tree, finding himself momentarily dazed. The blur dropped down, coming to a stop just a few feet in front of Maia.

The girl stared back in complete surprise.

The white beaver turned her head a bit, her teal-eyes meeting Maia's. A small smile was on the digimon's muzzle. “You didn't forget about me, did you?” Maia was in awe, staring back at the creature. Misumon had turned back to the recovering dinosaur, before drawing in a breath. “Sprinkler Jet!” the sharp burst of sparkling, blue water struck the beast in the left eye, causing it to roar in pain, bucking its head back sharply.

Misumon turned around as Maia stood up again. “Let's go!” the digimon spoke, starting past her in a quick run. Maia didn’t' hesitate. She followed the only real chance she had at the moment.

The thunderous footsteps of the dinosaur were quick to follow, causing the ground to quake ever so slightly. “Dynamite Head!” The large lizard shot forward, its cranium crashing into a number of trees, tearing them from the ground. Maia felt a small but strong force push into her back.

She found herself biting the dirt for a second time, and that force still pressed against her back. A large tree flew over head, crashing into the clearing ahead. The forest had become more spacious in this area, leading little room for them to escape, without being directly in the dinosaur's sight. Maia fought to regulate her ragged breathing.

Misumon pulled herself up, alongside Maia, glancing back at the oncoming dinosaur. There was no way she could fight this...


Her little, bucked teeth grit in frustration as she jumped down from Maia's back. “W-What do we do?” Maia asked, her voice shaking. Misumon remained silent for a moment. There was nothing they could do at this moment... The only possible chance of them winning... but no, she knew there was no way it was going to happen now. Not yet.

The dinosaur took an ominous step forward, letting out another low growl. He drew his head back, and started forward in a run. Misumon prepared herself, and Maia shook behind her.

“Blaze Blast!” a searing trio of bronze-colored fireballs suddenly struck into the digimon's side with a surprising force.

“Tropical Gust!” a second attack fired forward, this time that of a wind blade, striking the dinosaur in the same spot. The blue lizard stumbled, losing his footing. He fell down to one knee, temporarily dazed.

“Well, it's about time someone found us!” Misumon snapped, though her annoyance betrayed a bit of relief. A familiar rusty dragon stepped forward, offering a small grin in response, and flapping his wings in the air just behind him was a tan-colored bird. Two other forms ran from behind the digimon, making their way to Maia's side.

“Maia, you alright?” The shaken blonde girl looked over to see not only Tyson, but Huey as well. She breathed a heavy relief, giving a small nod. Huey said nothing, and only seemed to convey silence as he looked at his elder sister. His expression wasn't entirely clear, but did show a small hint of worry.

“We need to get out of here, now,” Maia insisted, standing to her feet once again, resisting a strong urge to grab her brother, and start running. “It's far too dangerous.”

“No way!” Tyson said suddenly, clenching a tight fist. The group collectively looked at him. “We got a bad guy to take down!” he looked over at Rakumon, grinning broadly. Maia looked at him with disbelief. “You got this, Rakumon.” the dragon returned the confident grin, before bolting forward.

“Let's do this, guys!” he gave a powerful leap into the air, drawing his claws back. The glowed with a slight energy, and he raked them forward. “Power Hook!” a streak of three blades of energy shot forward from his claws, striking into the recovering dinosaur's jaw.

Bazamon followed his ally, and with the call, sent another 'Silver Gust' at his enemy. Misumon entered the fray as well, preforming another 'Sprinkler Jet'. The three attacks had managed to knock the dinosaur back several stumbles, and he bumped into a few trees behind him.

“Tyson! Get us some info on this guy,” Rakumon spoke. Tyson blinked, looking at his new-found friend. “The D-Hub, use it!” Tyson blinked, before seemingly remembering something. He drew a red device from his pocket, holding it towards the dinosaur.

“This must be what he was talking about,” Tyson mused, clicking the buttons on the device. With the second click, a small-scale model of the enemy digimon projected from the screen, and a series of information was also displayed.

 “It says... its name is Allomon, and he's a Champion Level, Data, Dinosaur Type Digimon. Er... Field is 'Nature Spirits', whatever that is...” Tyson read off. “Uh, his attacks are called Dynamite Head, where he rams enemies with his... head.” He rose an eyebrow at the obviousness. “And Dino Burst, which this thing says is a blast of super-hot energy shot from his mouth...” Tyson closed his mouth after reading it off. He could see a number of other information bits about the digimon, such as general information pertaining to diet, behavior, and things of that nature, but they were of no concern to him at the moment. He was too busy gawking at the 'cool', hand-held device's 3D model of the dinosaur.“Figured it had to be a Champion,” Misumon spoke, huffing a bit.

“Do we have any brilliant plans?” Bazamon asked, flapping his wings to keep himself up in the air. The three of them could hold the beast at bay for now, but the bird knew they could not defeat him like this. They simply did not have the power to do so.

Between the pair, Rakumon threw a glance back. He had only met the boy, Tyson, a short while ago. The digimon thought back to those that sent them in the first place, and the discussion they had...

“You will find yourselves bonding with them. That is your strength, so use that bond, and never lose faith in them.”

That's right. Rakumon thought, growing a small grin as Tyson's glance met his own. He wasn't sure how, or even why, but he did feel an unexplainable bond with that boy already. They shared a similar confidence in one another, even though they had just met. Rakumon wanted to protect him, and that's exactly what he would do.

“Those guys are relying on us right now,” Rakumon reminded the two of them, earning a glance from each of them. As he spoke, the Allomon began to right himself again. “So plan, or not, that's exactly what we gotta do!” he shot forward, suddenly, firing off another Blaze Blast. The trio of fireballs hit against Allomon, followed by a blade of wind, and a jet of water.

The digimon recovered more quickly this time, growing accustomed to their straight-forward tactics. If it was a contest of power, then the Allomon had to do the same. He flung his head back, drawing in energy. Yellow flares seemed to emit from between his clenched teeth.

“Get outta there, guys!” Tyson called from back several feet.

Dino Burst!

A powerful blast of yellow, explosive energy shot forward. Bazamon flew upward, swiftly, but the ensuring blast sent him flying upward. Misumon was thrown harshly to the side, but the attack had struck their center, leading Rakumon to have been in the direct line of fire.

Tyson stared in fear. Time seemed to almost pass in slow motion as Rakumon's injured form began to fly back from the ensuing blast. His body was beaten and battered, burned harshly. Before the teen knew it, he found himself running forward, despite the siblings' protests.

“No!” Tyson spat, his speed increasing.

He didn't know why, but he felt devoted to this digimon. After all, it had saved his life... Rakumon was something new, something strong... something that Tyson believed in. He wanted to help him, somehow, some way. He wanted him to defeat Allomon, and save the day. He didn't know how he would do that, though. He was just some kid... but he knew that Rakumon could do it.

He wanted to give him the strength to do that.

Rakumon's limp form hit the ground, sending everything spinning back to reality for the boy. “Rakumon!” he found himself calling the dragon's name.

Tyson's grip tightened around the red D-Hub. A red spark of energy seemed to pulse around his hand. The screen began to glow in a gentle, but powerful red aura. Tyson paused, looking down at the glowing and sparking device before him. His eyes were fixated on it, despite the brightness. Words were laid out on the screen, seemingly typing themselves.



“Rakumon, Digivolve too...!”

As a reddish aura seemed to surround him, portions of Rakumon's body seemed to break away. Beneath his outer 'skin', a grid-outline of the creature's shape seemed to appear, in a red color. The make-up of his hands, feet, nose, and chest seemed to break away, before a string of code surrounded him. The code broke apart, revealing data piecing itself together once again, and his shape was much larger this time, and had a different stance entirely.



“Whoa...” Tyson found himself uttering the word barely above a whisper. Before him stood a dragonic being, stationed on four legs this time. His forelegs were longer than his front, and now covered with thick, bone-like covering, which had formed into three, large, sharp, black claws. His hunched forward form held a very similar color to Rakumon, but now he bore a pair of large wings, also stripped along the sections in that same bone material, and the bone plating ran down his back, sectioned off into multiple pieces. The material also covered his head, revealing his same, orange-colored eyes. His tail was also significantly longer, and bore a dual-sided blade this time, much sharper and larger than before.

“Rakumon...” Tyson asked, his grip had softened on the device as the awe filled his eyes. “What just happened?”

The drake glanced back, a small grin forming beneath the bone mask that covered his face. “You made me evolve, Tyson,” the digimon spoke, before turning his head back to the Allomon, who stared on ahead. “So you can call me Drakemon, now!”

With that declaration, the dragon digimon shot forward. His form was much larger, much more imposing, much more powerful now. His body rammed into Allomon, driving the digimon back into the trees, uprooting a couple of them. A loud crash resounded as the dinosaur was thrown down as his back.

“Woo!” Misumon's voice cheered as she rejoined the side of Tyson. “Looks like there might be hope for you humans yet,” she grinned brightly. She threw a glance back at Maia, seeing the girl was in quite a bit of awe herself, but ultimately, she seemed to be in one piece.

“Bazamon, are you alright?” Huey asked the bird as he approached his feathered ally. The digimon looked a bit burnt from the blast, particularly on his red, orange, and yellow feathers, but didn't seem seriously injured. The bird plucked a single, red feather from his wing, glaring at it.

“I am well, but I will be grooming these bloody feathers out for a while,” he growled lowly, glancing back at the newly evolved Rakumon. “Rakumon! You tear that digimon apart, you hear me!?” the bird's voice showed a rage Huey had not yet seen. The boy was moderately surprised, and possibly a little scared.

Misumon chuckled.

Tyson could only stare at the battle as it waged. Drakemon had pinned Allomon down, turning the battle into a wrestling match. The dinosaur did the only thing he could possibly do at that moment, and ignited his mouth with a yellow ray of energy. It burst forward, forcing the dragon away from him.

Drakemon flew back a few yards, but with a powerful flap his wings, he slowed himself. His rear claws dug into the ground, and he managed to stand himself up. A dark scuff mark could be seen along his face and neck. Allomon was wasting no time, and had shot forward in a rush. “Dynamite Head!” his head glowed, and he rammed forward.

Drakemon flung up his forearms in an instant, his bone-plated claws held in defense. The powerful headbutt was held at bay. The force was enough to cause the dragon's rear claws to dig back further, uprooting the dirt and grass. His teeth were grit tightly, and a low growl escaped from him. “You're strong...” the dragon complimented.


“But it's not enough to defeat me!” Drakemon snarled, showing an immense force of his own.

He drove back on the dinosaur's skull, and he was thrown to the side. The blue digimon attempted a quick recovery, but Drakemon had recovered faster. His mouth was aglow with an bronze aura. “Flare Burst!” his neck careened forward, and his jaw snapped open.

A powerful stream of bronze-colored fire shot from his unhinged jaw, exploding against the Allomon. The blue dinosaur let out a pain-filled roar as the fire engulfed him entirely within moments. Smoke pillowed from to contact point, and was followed by a few moments of tense silence.

The smoke cleared, revealing the injured dino, rocking before them. The digimon fell forward, face-first into the forest's floor. His body erupted, his form blinking in an out. The digimon's body began to turn to static, and suddenly, his form broke apart into thousands of tiny pixels. The pixels lingered before the group for a moment, a mix of blues, whites, and reds, and the humans' eyes fixated on the events before them.

“W-What happened to him?” Huey asked, an expression of confusion on his face.

“He has been defeated. That is his data,” Bazamon moved his wing forward, indicating the flurry of particles floating before them.

“Data makes up all of us digimon,” Misumon spoke next, arriving at Maia's side. “When digimon die, their body breaks apart like that,” the data began to float upward slowly. “And returns to the sky...” The entire group watched the spectacle. “Though, we've been told the D-Hubs can absorb the data, too.” Misumon's voice didn't really display any approval of those words.

The kids gawked. It was slightly horrifying to have witnessed death like that, for the children. It had just happened so quickly.

The data sparkled in the sun above, leading to an ironically beautiful sight.

“That was pretty awesome, Drakemon,” Tyson grinned, recovering from his small stupor, patting the side of his partner's bone-covered face.

“I only could do it because of you, you know,” the dragon replied. Tyson noticed his voice had deepened since had changed. Tyson looked at him with a surprised expression.

“...Really? Sounds kinda cheesy,” Drakemon nodded, then shrugged. Tyson beamed. “I guess that makes us a pretty unbeatable team, huh?” the pair laughed. Huey and Bazamon smiled not far behind them.

“How can you find this funny?” Maia's voice cut through to the group, like a sharp knife. They glanced back, seeing the blonde girl bearing an expression of anger. “We almost died, in case you forgot!” the happy moment had been completely brought down. “And... you killed that thing.” Maia looked at Drakemon accusingly.

“Only to protect all of you.” Drakemon returned, almost offended that she said such a thing in a negative way.

“Maia, it's kill or be killed here,” Misumon defended. “You're going to have to get used to it.”

“No, I refuse to!” the girl snapped. “We shouldn't have to get used to anything here! Take us home, right now!” her voice was growing with a sound of worry and anger. Huey and Tyson stared at her in surprise. “Now! We can't be here any longer, it's far too dangerous!”

Tyson knew she was frightened. After all, she just got done being chased by a murderous dinosaur... but she was overreacting, at least in his own mind. The teen frowned, folding his arms as his gaze still fixed on her. “We cannot,” Bazamon spoke up this time.

“Why not?” Maia demanded.

“You'd need another portal to get you back to earth,” Misumon added in. “And those don't just pop up out of nowhere.” The beaver tried to put a comforting hand on the girl's arm, but she tore it away.

“Well, then we have to find one,” she was being irrational again. “We can't stay here! Huey's only eleven, and I can't let him be exposed to this kind of thing! None of us should be!”

Drakemon and Tyson exchanged sympathetic glances.

“Knock it off, Maia!” Huey's voice cut through the group, causing the blonde to look over at him from her knelt stance. She was surprised, but Huey returned her expression with a glare. “You're being a big baby!” Maia's expression had quickly changed to hurt. Tyson frowned at this exchange.

These two...

Huey stormed past her, but the blonde quickly stood up.

“We're finding the nearest village, town, whatever, and finding a way home.” Maia's tone was far more serious this time. “There's no ifs, ands, or buts,” she insisted. Huey didn't look back, and chose to shove his hands in his pockets instead, donning quite a sour frown. “We'll find Jett and Brian, and get back home. It's just too dangerous for us here.”

Tyson sighed, scratching his head a bit as Maia walked briskly past her brother. Tyson gave a comforting pat to Drakemon, before the two of them followed after Maia in silence. That silence was cast over them for some time, now, and showed no signs of letting up.

“Can you believe her?” Huey's voice cut into Tyson's silence, and they were walking some ways behind her. The boy didn't seem to care if she could hear or not. “Why does she have to be such a grouch all the time?”

Tyson knew Maia had a point... Huey had a point too... but Tyson felt he had his own point. He didn't want to stay her purely out of defying of the girl, like he knew that Huey was... He didn't want to go home, either. He wanted to stay because the digimon asked for their help. To add to that fact, he found this world impossibly cool, and surreal, and everything he'd been hoping to experience for a long time: Adventure. Tyson knew that they could do this, too. That proof was in Drakemon, who was walking right next to him.

If digimon were just data... and fighters like this... he had a strong confidence in the one that had called him his partner. He felt they could take on anything that stood in the way, and Tyson was going to be there to back his new friend up, and make him change, or whatever it was he did, whenever he needed to. Drakemon could protect all of them, and get stronger from each battle after that.

Tyson knew this was what he was waiting for... He wasn't turning his back on this world any time soon. He had full intentions of staying, no matter what anyone told him. It was like a world which he could only experience in games, but now, something that was really happening to him. He wouldn't trade that for anything.

To Be Continued...



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