Digimon :: Core

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“I still do not believe that humans are the answer.”

I agree with Mercurimon. The first three have failed us, and lie defeated.”

...I am well aware, my friends.”

“And you expect more humans to come in and solve the problem? I say we digimon are perfectly capable of handling this problem on our own.”

“If that is the case, then why have we been at this for eight years, with no success?”


“The humans we first brought here had found one of the Cores already--”

“Which, I may remind you, now lies in enemy hands!”

“...We have not been able to effectively combat this threat. Digimon alone are not enough.” There was a brief pause. “Besides, I had already bestowed the Secret Keepers long before this day.”

“So you deceived us?”

“No, I simply plan ahead... Humans are the only ones who can take advantage of the power that the Keys offer. With that, I do believe they can eventually put a stop to this mess. Two was not enough, but now... now I believe if they can work together, they can gather the Cores, and we can finally return the Digital World to a time of peace.”

“Why do you put such faith in weak creatures, Apollomon?”

“Because they are our only hope, Marsmon.”

Seattle, Washington - U.S.A._

“I'm so late!” The rapid footfalls of a brunette teen could be heard, along with the sound of several, crunching leaves beneath his orange and black sneakers. The boy wore an orange tee, embedded with a symbol along the right-side of the chest. and under that, a long-sleeved yellow shirt. His olive-green-colored cargo shorts did little to protect his bare shins from the cool, fall wind. Though, that didn't seem to deter him, however.

He was running as fast as he possibly could.

“Mrs. Olson's going to kill me,” he grumbled, rounding the next corner. A lone car passed him by, but otherwise, little to nothing else could really be made out. It was a residential area, littered with several houses, almost all of which, were primarily unoccupied, as their residents were either at school(where he should have been) or at work.

Of course, being late was nothing new to Tyson Kepler. In fact, his middle name should have been 'Late'.

The brunette cut through the park next, taking a handy, little short cut towards the school. He huffed, already quite tired from all the running he'd done. He had to keep going though, or else he'd be spending his free time that night in detention, and he was none too excited to have that. It wasn't necessarily his fault he'd forgotten to set the alarm clock last night. At least, he believed it wasn't.

The teen began his dissent over the hill-side, trees surrounding him every which way. He was quick on his feet enough, though, to avoid them. However, he couldn't avoid everything that got in his way, especially that bright, floating ball of light—

“Whaaa-?!” the teen slipped up suddenly, taken by pure surprise of what was in front of him. He went flying downward, landing face-first in the leaf-covered grass. He plucked his head up from the ground, spitting a stray leaf from his lips before pursing them in annoyance. He shook his head, before sitting up. “Jeez, late, clumsy, and seeing things. This is just not my morning...” his voice quieted as he looked up. “Whoa,” he put on an awed expression as he realized he wasn't seeing things after all. That ball of light was still floating, in the air, right before him.


What is it? Tyson's train of thought took over as he glanced at the spherical object. Should he ignore it? No way, it's right here and all. Maybe it's a ghost! A goofy grin spread across his face. Or something from another world. He let out an audible chuckle at that last thought. Even he could admit his imagination and general conspiracy theory could get the best of him. After all, Tyson was not at all ashamed to admit that he found the concept of ghosts and aliens to be totally believable. At least, something that he wished existed. He was always a sucker for the surreal...

However, right now, that 'surreal' was staring down at him. The boy carefully stood up, but never broke his gaze on the glowing ball. “I hope this doesn't kill me, or something,” Tyson muttered under his breath. He raised his right hand, before slowly moving it forward. The shiny orb made no indications of going anywhere, even as he approached it slowly.

Tyson drew in a breath as he closed in. His fingers brushed against the object, before they gripped around it. Another sound of awe came from his throat as he slowly brought it back to him, looking down at it, in the palm of his hand. The glowing orb was taking shape now, becoming slightly more rectangular.

“This is so cool,” the teen thought aloud as the light began to fade. It had become some sort of red, plastic device, complete with a squarish shape, a rounded screen, and a number of buttons. It looked as though a piece of it may have been missing from the section that Tyson assumed was the lower right. He continued to inspect it, turning it over in his hand, glancing at the back, to see it quite bare. There was a small clip and tether along the bottom left.

Though, despite his observations, that did little to tell him what it was.

“I wonder if it turns on,” he mused aloud, attempting to poke at the buttons on the screen. He had tried the four that seemed set in a circular pattern, each of them yellow in color. He even tapped at the screen, and tried the lone button at the side. “Nothing,” he spoke with a disappointed frown on his face.

Though, he just knew this device was strange, in some way. Something was special about it. You don't usually find glowing balls of light that turn into hand held games. His thought process took over again.

The distant sound of a ringing bell filled his ears, causing his train of thought to derail immediately. “CRAP!” he spat suddenly, realizing he was completely late for school. The youth pocketed the device, before breaking into a run towards the school. He had totally forgotten the second something more interesting came up.

After all, this was Tyson Kepler.

*** *** ***

A teenage, blonde girl sat in one of the many desks within the moderately simplistic classroom. She was dressed in a dark-blue tank-top, though, over that wore a team blouse, which was left open around the bust and abdomen, but held together in the center by a black ribbon. Her golden-blonde hair was tied back, leaving her golden-colored bangs to fall over her forehead.

Looks like he's late again. I swear that boy can only make it to school on time is if I walk with him. The blonde's thoughts were focused on a certain neighbor boy of hers, Tyson Kepler. Then again, this was nothing new for him. After all, she had told him countless times that his middle name should have been 'Late'. The blonde sighed as her brown eyes fixated on his seat, and her chin rested in her left palm.

Then again, Tyson's lateness wasn't strange. At least, it wasn't strange in comparison of what else had happened to her today. Her free fingers drummed against the desk as she lapsed into thought. This morning was anything but normal for her. Especially considering what she had experienced first hand. Something ridiculous and quite unbelievable, especially if she ever told anyone. Except maybe for Tyson. However, she wouldn't be telling anyone of what happened. In fact, she wanted to deny it did.

Being focused on what's important, and refusing to believe in silly, childish things, after all, was what Maia Scott was all about.

The blonde blew a stray strand of blonde hair from her eyes. She recalled the event quite vividly...

Maia continued on her way to school, not but a few minutes after she had seen her younger brother off to his own elementary. She continued along the street, at a steady pace. She was going to make it to school with plenty of time to spare—after all, being late was not something she was known for. She was a model student, and she intended to keep it that way.

As she rounded the next corner of the quiet street, she completely stopped, in awe of what laid before her.

“W-What is that?” she took a step back, seeing a floating ball of light, seemingly locked just before her. There were no strings, no special tricks, at least that she could see. It was just there. The blonde closed her eyes, shaking her head, hoping to make the object go away. Nothing came of it, and it was still there.

Part of her wanted to investigate, but the more sensible part(and much bigger part of her) decided against that. She took another step back, but was quite surprised to see the object move. She took another, hasty step back. She wasn't going to take this thing, she refused. It was something she simply would not do.

The object seemed to have different ideas, however, and shot right at her. She let out a small scream, moving her hand before her defensively. It slapped into her hand, leaving the frightened girl to only stare at it, with her mouth hanging open. The shine to the orb had died down the moment it touched her hand, and formed into some sort of plastic, lavender-colored device.

“J-Just what is this?” she asked, her voice barely above a frightened whisper. She suddenly shook her head, “This isn't happening.” she told herself, before turning to her side, hurtling the object into the trees and bushes along the park. She promptly ran off, and tried to shake the unexplainable events from her mind.

“It wasn't real,” she had repeated to herself as she approached the school. She moved in, standing among the mass of students. She was looking for her socializing friends, wanting desperately to remove the oddities from her thoughts. She adjusted her backpack, and took a step forward, only to note a small, barely noticeable glow from her white-colored coat pocket. Blinking, the girl carefully placed her hand into it.

As she pulled it out, her eyes widened in something comparable to horror. “I-Impossible,” she gasped, slack jawed once again. That same, purple object laid in her palm once again.

No matter how many times she had tried to throw it away—and it was a large amount—it still always found her way back to her pocket, or even into her backpack. It was something that just wasn't supposed to happen. Maia shook her head, before continuing to drum her fingers against the desk, staring blankly at the board.

Not being able to focus was not like her at all. She groaned, very quietly, under her breath. Class had already begun, with Mrs. Olsen writing on the white board in blue marker, giving them a series of math notes to take for the upcoming lesson.

“Ah, Mr. Kepler, glad to see you've finally graced us with your presence,” spoke their teacher, a middle-aged, brown-haired woman. She had a pair of glasses on her nose, and tended to have a very stern stance about her. She looked over at the student she had just addressed, having arrived at the door to class, attempting to recollect himself. Maia watched from the back of the glass, shaking her head a bit.

“Uh, sorry, Mrs. Olson!” Tyson said suddenly, clapping his hands together. He seemed to pause for a moment, no doubt trying to devise an excuse. “I was up all night... studying... math! You know how important that is,” he laughed, the sound coming off rather forced.

“Cute.” the teacher responded in a rather unamused tone. “Then perhaps you can answer this problem for us,” she stepped aside, revealing a very complicated series of numbers to the teen. Giggles erupted from the class as Tyson nearly fell over at the teacher's instruction. “Well...?”

“Ahaha... You see,” Tyson pressed his two fore-fingers together. “I, uh, was studying... er... addition?” he suggested, pausing at near every word he spoke. A more obvious lie could never have been told. Mrs. Olson shook her own head, before pointing him towards his seat. The boy let out a defeated sigh, trudging back to his usual desk, the one sitting to the left of Maia's.

He waved at the blonde girl, only to be given a small nod in return. Maia turned her head back to the front of the class. Normally, Maia only really associated with him outside of school, and even then, that amount was getting slimmer as time went on. The two had known each other for several years, but their friendship never seemed all that deep. That of neighbors, maybe social friends.

Deciding that was not a train of thought the girl wanted to approach either, she moved her notebook in front of her, snatched up her pencil, and began to write. “Hey, Maia,” Tyson spoke in a very low tone. The blonde glanced over at him, almost a bit annoyed he decided to speak in the middle of class. This always managed to get them in trouble. “You won't believe what happened to me today,” he muttered.

“Can we talk later?” the girl whispered back. “I don't want to get in trouble, you know,” she added, a touch of annoyance in her voice.

“Pffft, like Mrs. Olson's paying attention... anyway...” he paused, feeling a shadow loom over him. He glanced up, before placing a silly grin on his face. “Ahaha... hi, Mrs. Olson.” he grinned weakly.

The woman sighed, putting two fingers to the side of her head, massaging it briefly. “I guess you need detention this Friday.”

“Awe man,” Tyson fell back in his chair, defeated, as the teacher returned to her whiteboard. “How come I always get in trouble?” he whined, glancing at the blonde.

“Gee, I wonder,” Maia barely whispered the reply, busying herself with her notes, and her thoughts.

*** *** ***

A seventeen-year-old boy with short, cropped, brunette hair, medium skin tone, and a pair of light-blue eyes tossed an object up and down, catching it, before hiking it up again. He was leaning up against a set of lockers, with one hand placed in his jeans pocket. His dark-red coat was left hanging open, revealing his black tee, complete with a white brand-symbol, beneath it. His expression seemed to be a mixed of both confusion and interest.

Upon the next toss of the green device, his hand clasped around it, halting the actions. He brought the item closer to his eye level, looking it over. It was sleek, square, and looked like some sort of game device. It was strange, how he had found it. He recalled the memory, briefly, as his expression seemed to lapse into that of thoughtful.

In all honesty, he'd rather be anywhere but here. Even with this strange device in hand, school was just uninteresting. One could call it boring, he certainly would. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out just why he hadn't left yet. He did all the time, so why not now?

Brian Bidal was not the type to respect authority, and that included school, anyway.

The half-Hispanic teen released a small sigh, “Just what does this thing mean, anyway?” he questioned. Considering how he had found it, it left him with many questions. His mind lapsed into memory once again.

There he stood, not but a couple of hours ago. Light-blue eyes fixated on the floating, glowing ball of light before him. He had asked aloud where it had come from, and how he had found it. He had also found himself asking why he, of all people, found it.

Part of him wanted to reach out to it, and his hand moved forward slowly. He paused, though, thinking for a moment. Brian wondered what sort of reaction this would create. He was curious, but he was also scared. He would, however, be the last to admit this to anyone. At the same time, no one else was around, so he wouldn't be admitting that fear to anyone.

“Gah! Screw it,” he spat, before reaching out again. As he did, the orb slowly moved forward to meet his hand. He shielded his eyes slightly, staring, watching the glowing orb change into something different: a strange, green, hand held device. “What in the hell is this?” he asked, his voice in awe.

“So strange,” the boy muttered, awakening from his thought process. He slipped the device back in his pocket, before pulling himself away from the lockers. Now was lunch time throughout the high school. This was his best time to slip out of school, and not have to bother coming back until, well, whenever he felt like it. He gave a small chuckle at the thought.

As he was lost in thought, moving into the group of students moving their ways towards the lunch room, he wasn't paying a lot of attention.


Brian fell back, nearly losing his footing. “Hey you idiot, watch where you're going!” he snapped suddenly, pulling himself forward again. His eyes fixated into a glare as he loomed over a teen maybe a year younger than him. He had spiky, messy brown hair, and was down on his rear from their collision. The boy didn't seem to reply, rubbing his head a bit. “Hey, are you listening?” Brian demanded again.

“Uh, sorry,” the brunette replied, glancing up.

“Damn well better be,” Brian scoffed, before folding his arms over his chest. “You almost knocked me over.”

“No need to be so rude. He did say he was sorry,” said a blonde girl, standing next to him. She knelt down next to the boy, “Tyson, are you alright?”

“Haha, yeah, it's no biggy,” the one known as Tyson gave a goofy grin. Brian could care little for him now, however, as his interests were fixed elsewhere. He looked over the blonde girl. She was cute. Her clothing fit her well, down to the fitted, white capri pants she wore, and the teal shirt. It was modest enough, but still enough for Brian to take notice of.

“Tell you what, cutie,” Brian spoke up, a sly grin crossing his face. No signs of anger were left in him, as he reached a hand over to the blonde girl. “How about I take you out to lunch? Or, if that's too boring for you, we can just head out to my car, and find something... else to do.”

The girl had a look of disgust in her brown eyes as she looked at his hand, then up to him. “No thanks,” the girl swept his hand away with her own, before standing up. “I don't date pigs.” The one known as Tyson stood up too, a bit of a displeased look on his face.

“Ouch,” Brian responded. “A little harsh, don't you think?”

“How about you just lay off, pal,” Tyson spoke, glaring over at the boy. Brian shook his head, giving off a chuckle.

“Well, you have fun with your little boyfriend, then,” Brian spoke, before wrapping his hands behind his head, closing one eye. “But if he's too boring for you, come find me,” he chuckled.

“Boyfriend...?” the female asked, almost seething by now.

“C'mon Maia, let's get outta here,” Tyson grabbed the girl by the arm, before leading her past Brian. The older teen glanced back as they walked off, still wearing a bit of a grin. He was quite pleased with himself, letting out a small chuckle.

“Ah, Maia... cute name.” the boy mused, “Too bad she's such a grouch,” he added, before patting his stomach, a bit. A light grown could be heard from it. “Welp, time for food,” he spoke, before heading towards the school exits. He had little intention of coming back to class for the day after that.

*** *** ***

Finally, the sound of the school bell could be heard throughout the school. Students by the dozens poured out of the door ways, immediately making their way off the grounds. Many of them filed out onto buses, some got rides from their parents, several of them made their way to their own cars, and a good amount of them simply walked. Tyson was among the last group.

He stepped outside the school grounds, waiting on the edge of the street, looking back at the masses of students. He normally waited for Maia, and walked home with her. It seemed the most sensible thing to do. After all, they were only two houses away from each other. The teen scratched his nose a bit as he waited.

He had a fair amount on his mind. Far more than he usually would have liked. That punk from around lunch time bothered him. Not only was he rude, but he also went out of his way to be a straight-up pig. That was just the sort of behavior that made Maia raging mad, and she had been that way, all day, after that. Tyson was none to happy with it either, but he wouldn't outwardly show it.

Besides, in all honesty, he had more interesting things to think about. As the thought crossed his mind, he drew the device from his pocket. He looked down at it again, tapping the buttons, attempting to turn it on. “Hrm, how does this stupid thing work, anyway?” he gave it a small shake, but of course, nothing came of it. He would have tossed it out, had it not been the strange way he had found it this morning.

“Tyson,” Maia had finally approached. The teen gave a small smile as she walked up to him.

“Hey, still cranky?” he asked in a joking manner. Maia grumbled under her breath a bit, before walking past him. “Ah, chill out, that punk is nothing to worry about anyway,” Tyson added. He walked up, before slinging an arm around the girl, while still retaining the device in his hand—not even thinking to hide it away.

“I just can't stand people like that,” Maia replied, before slipping out from under his arm, turning back to face him, starting in a backwards walk. “You know, I might have even given him a chance, if it wasn't for that last remark.” Tyson blinked, before laughing.

“You think he's cute, don't you? Man, you've got weird tastes.”

“No!” Maia insisted, turning her head away from him briefly. “I mean, maybe, if he wasn't such a pig.” Tyson kept laughing as Maia glanced back at him one more time. Her eyes fixated on the object in his hand. She came to an immediate stop, leading to Tyson nearly crashing into her.

“Whoa, how about a warning next time?” She seemed moderately surprised, staring at his hand. “Hellooo, Maia?” he said, waving his free hand a bit. He followed her gaze, before realizing that he still had it in his hand. “Uh...”

“Tyson,” Maia started, her voice in something of an awe. “Where did you get that?”

The boy forced out a laugh, hiding it behind his back. He just knew telling Maia about how he got it would manage to upset her. She was about the opposite of him, as far as the conspiracies, ghosts, and otherworldly creations went. She refuted them to no end, and tended to get annoyed if he brought them up. “It's nothing.” he insisted, flatly.

Maia sighed, shaking her head. She moved a hand into her backpack as the two had come to a complete stop a short distance from the school. “I asked because...” she drew her hand from the backpack, revealing a purple device, almost identical, to his own.

Tyson's jaw dropped.

“...Don't hit me for this,” Tyson muttered, “but did you... see a weird, floating ball of light? Like, you know, a ghost?” his surprised expression was a bit misleading of the curiosity in his voice. Maia seemed quiet for a moment, looking down at the device in her hand. Tyson knew she was debating before continuing.

“I... did yeah,” she started, pausing a bit. It was clear she was uncomfortable about it. “It really doesn't make any sense.” she added.

“Make any sense?” Tyson quirked an eyebrow. “It's obvious, isn't it?” he started walking past her again, leading the girl to pick up her own pace. “It was from aliens!” he sounded a bit too excited when he said that. “You know, they're technological and stuff. I bet they sent them here—to us, 'cause we're special, or something,” he beamed, excitedly.

“Tyson...” Maia warned, a bit of irritation showing in her tone. “This is serious.” Tyson looked back at her, his expression matching exactly what she had just described.

“I am being serious,” the blonde shook her head. “Think about it. What known, human device can float in mid air, then change into this, huh?” he held his device forward for emphasis. Maia seemed a bit more annoyed as Tyson went on, but he wasn't entirely aware of it. “It's gotta mean something that we both got them. I mean, it's not normal—they can't be from here, it's just not possible,” he insisted. “I don't know what exactly, but like I said, I bet you anything, it's about aliens. I wonder if they're probes? Or maybe they're super computers? Or maybe—“

“Tyson!” Maia snapped finally, leading the boy to jump a bit. “It's not funny, and it's not something to joke around about. It's not aliens, it's something... something that makes sense! So grow up already,” she added harshly. Tyson seemed taken aback by her last comment, before becoming downcast.

“Well, what makes sense about it?” he asked.

The sound of thunder rolled overhead, prompting the pair to look up to the sky. A series of black clouds was starting to crop up all around. It didn't take more than a few moments for the sun to be blocked out. Maia let out a small groan, “It's going to storm? I don't recall that in the forecast,” the girl grumbled. “We'd better go get Huey, and get home,” Maia started past him briskly.

Tyson glanced back at her for a moment, before looking back up at the sky. His hand clenched tightly around the device in hand as he did so. If he and Maia had both gotten one, did that mean more people did? Who else? Why? How? There were so many questions...

I know it's gotta mean something... but what? The teen thought, before he chased after his neighbor.

*** *** ***

The front door to a twelve-story apartment complex opened as a code was put in. In walked a teen with bright-blonde hair, which was now pressed down against his head, water dripping from it. He was literally soaked by the sudden, completely unexpected rain, which was pouring down heavily outside, just behind him. Stepping inside, he brushed the excess water from his dark-gray jacket, before removing his silver-rimmed, square glasses.

Grabbing a rare, dry piece of his lavender shirt, he gently wiped off the water spots. “If only weathermen could be accurate, once in a while,” the blonde spoke in a quiet, but stern voice. He placed the frames back on his face, before stepping inside. He made his way to the elevator, and entered.

A few floors later, on floor eight, to be exact, the elevator opened. Its sole contents, the blonde boy, stepped out onto his floor. Walking down the gray-carpeted hall, he stopped at apartment number 820. He slid a key into the door, before a click resounded, and he stepped inside.

Removing his jacket, he set it on the coat rack near the door. Before him, an apartment was laid out, complete with cream-colored carpets, sleek, linoleum kitchen floors, granite counter tops, and finely sided, white walls. The apartment was nice, and appeared to be quite expensive.

The blonde slid his keys onto the counter, dropping his backpack and shoes off at the door, before stepping inside. He was fairly confident that his socks were also wet, as he continued to clear out his pockets. There wasn't much, really, a few coins, his lunch card...

His hand paused as it touched the last thing.

Withdrawing it, he looked down at the device in hand. It was blue, decorated with gray-colored buttons, and showed no signs of working. The object in question had come to him in a completely illogical way this morning, a way that didn't sit right with the teen.

The teen was logically driven, and believed thoroughly that anything and everything had an explanations; This was Jett Williams.

He threw a glance at the counter, seeing a set of papers laid out, sparsely held within a folder. Jett walked over, looking down at it for a moment. They were his father's, no doubt. They were police files, and they were just lying there. This wasn't really anything new, his father tended to keep a lot lying around, and Jett couldn't help but to look through them. Some may call him 'snoopy' but he could care less.

Picking up the folders, he noticed the dates on the three folders were far past due, and were several years old. The blonde flipped the first open, noting a case from around five years ago, detailing events on the disappearance of a middle-aged woman. Glancing over the notes, Jett moved to the next one, a man in his mid-twenties, another disappearance.

He found himself wondering why his father had case files to such a long, outdated investigation, as he'd moved to the third folder. Sure, he kept a lot of files around, but most of them were fairly recent. Opening it, he found himself curious. This one detailed a young, red-headed girl, maybe ten years old. He glanced at the name, and the date. It was the oldest of the lot, but after these years, had gone 'cold'.

I wonder what happened... He wondered as he paged through the file. Something about a missing child left him uneasy. They had a few leads, it seemed, but none of them really lead to anything. There were fresh notes, indicating his father had restarted on this case recently, but there was no new evidence than there was all those years ago.

Jett frowned a bit, realizing that this girl would be around his own age if she were still around today. Shaking his head, the youth quietly closed the folder, and re-stacked them. Part of him was now curious as to the answers, but if his father, one that he would admit to being a damn good investigator, couldn't find anything... Jett was willing to bet he wouldn't find much more.

A small beep echoed from his pocket, pulling him away from the records. He drew out the device, seeing the screen read 'STANDBY'. Closing the folder, he moved on. He could look over the files in more detail later, when he didn't have more pressing matters to attend to.

Jett held onto the device, before walking through to complex. He passed the living room, including the fake, but rather elegant, fireplace heater. Atop it were a series of pictures, including one of a young, blonde boy, a middle-aged, dark-haired woman, and a blonde-haired man. Another photo, near by, was that of the same man, and a slightly older version of the younger boy. This one was clearly more recent.

None of that mattered to Jett, however, as he continued onward. He passed his father's room, which had been cracked open, and continued into his own room. A soft meow sounded as he entered, leading the blonde to pause at his blue-covered bed. He reached out to a small kitten, who had been sitting patiently, awaiting his return. He spared a glance at his desk, noting a fairly recent picture displaying a pair of twins, one boy, one girl. One of them was Jett himself.

Jett pet the feline gently, before turning away from the picture, and tossing the device down onto his own bed. The white and gray cat moved over, inspecting it. “Don't run off with that,” Jett warned. “I need to do some research on it first,” he stopped at the compute in the corner of his room. Not far from the desktop, a fair-sized television was shown. Jett flipped it on, switching it to the news channel, watching for a few moments.

“The unexpected rain storm is affecting almost all of Seattle at the moment, and shows no real signs of clearing any time soon. It has cut out power to quite a few sections of town. Censors indicate that the storm may move north at around 4:43pm,” the rest was a meaningless drawl of words to Jett, and he sat down at his computer.

He wondered if he could even find anything about that object. Considering how he had found it this morning, he was beginning to wonder. Everything about it defied his senses. Random balls of light didn't just float in the middle of the street, and they most certainly didn't change into hand-held devices upon the first, human contact.

It bothered Jett. He couldn't stand not having the answer, and knew he had to find it immediately. He moved his hand over the keyboard, and began typing.

The moment he moved to the enter key to begin his search, a loud thunder-boom rang out. The house promptly went black as the power had been shut down. “Wonderful.”

*** *** ***

A young boy stood outside, among the dwindling number of students surrounding him. School had been out for close to a quarter of an hour now, but the youthful, sandy-haired boy showed no signs of leaving. In truth, he was waiting for someone. Well, two someones: his sister, and his neighbor.

Though, as of today, he had been presented with something far more entertaining. Just after his sister had left him on her own road to school, the boy had come across a strange, device of some sort. The yellow object, which he now held in his hand, had a uniqueness about it. It was something he'd never seen before, and was, honestly, quite fascinating. Especially in how it had come about. The boy had been fixed on it all day.

Huey Dawson could find himself easily amused with such things, all thanks to his youthful, albeit slightly troublesome spirit.

“This is so weird,” the young boy of around ten had said. He had his typical, cream-colored beanie atop his head, as well as his green sweater's hood up over his head. It was doing little to deter the rain, which was so heavy, it was completely unavoidable, even under the lip of the school building.

As Huey inspected the device, he wondered if water would affect it. His finger brushed a button, before it gave a resounding beep. “Whoa! It finally turned on!” he said with excitement, seeing the dull, reddish colored screen finally come to life. On the screen, in bold, dark-red letters, read 'STANDBY'. The lights directly below the screen gave off a very dull glow.

Huey hammered at more buttons, but received little success. “Awe... well, I guess this means the batteries work,” he shrugged.

“Hey, Hue!” a voice called from a short distance away. The sandy-haired boy quickly hid the device in his front, sweater's pocket, and quickly waved his free hand.

“Tyson!” he called with an excited grin, before running up to the older boy and his sister, Maia. He skirted through the front gates of the school, seemingly unaffected by the heavy rain. He beamed, looking up at Tyson. He gave a small wave to his sister, as well, before she approached him.

“Huey, you should have brought a jacket today,” she said in an almost scolding manner. Huey's face fell a bit as she started to remove her own. Maybe he should protest to this? There was little point to it, however, as she would have wound up doing it anyway. At least this way, he was a bit drier. It was expected, regardless, so he felt no thanks were necessary.

“We're not that far from home, you know,” Tyson reminded. “So let's hurry, this rain sucks,” he added flatly, before starting in a jog down the street. Huey was quick to follow, with Maia not far after that. Tyson ran in tandem with the younger boy, the two of them leaving Maia back just a bit.

“Tyson, you wouldn't believe what happened to me, today,” he said, beaming, before throwing a glance back at his sister. “I gotta tell you later though, okay?” he added in a low whisper, hoping she hadn't heard it. The group continued onward, with just a couple blocks left until home.

*** *** ***

“Man, this rain sucks,” behind the wheel of a car, close to ten years old, and white in color, sat Brian once again. The slippery roads made control a bit weak, and the torrential rain that had been beating down against his windshield was little help either. The sounds of the radio humming in the car could be heard, as the tune at hand was some sort of rock track.

Brian turned down the next road, attempting to find some place a little drier. Though, it didn't seem that would be happening for a while. The heavy rain was falling for as far as he could see in either direction. Cursing under his breath, Brian slowed himself down a little bit. He wasn't looking forward to getting into any crashes.

Besides, he had a lot to think about...

His mind played out the memories of that cute, blonde girl from earlier. In all honesty, he found a lot of girls cute. There wasn't too much that made this one special, aside from maybe the fact he had a partiality to blondes. She was feisty, something that could prove to be quite entertaining.

He wondered if he should push it, though. Pushing it could lead to some fun things in the future... Or it could wind up getting him slapped. Slaps were not something he particularly enjoyed, but it would something he could look past. Though, buttering this one up would probably be a lot of work. “Hrm, what was that saying...? The cute ones are always trouble,” he chuckled a bit, before being cut off by a loud beep.

A sudden, bright light shown from the backpack in his passenger seat. It filled the entire car, leading the boy to panic. His foot slammed on the break, leading the vehicle to skid, water slipping beneath the tires at an alarming rate. “Shit!” the boy snapped, temporarily blinded from the bright flash, that still seemed to be going on.

Finally, the car slid to a halt, near the middle of the street. Brian was gasping, panicked from that sudden event. “What the hell was that!?” he demanded, moving his hand over to the bag, finding the source of the glow. It had dimmed a bit, but the beeping could still be heard, and the screen was showing something far different than it was before.

Brian let out an audible gasp. Just what is this thing?

On the screen, it read 'DIGIVICE'. “What is... a digivice?” he asked aloud, before his hand pushed against the right-most button. Projecting a holographic image from the screen of the device, in a purple-colored hue, the device showed the boy a highly detailed, and quite familiar map. On the far end of the map, a red, flashing, dot could be seen.

“I... wonder where this map leads?” he questioned himself. He had an internal debate that moment. Should he follow? What would be there? Would it be dangerous? Would it be some sort of fluke? Brian's hand tightened over the device a bit, and he realized something.

He certainly wasn't going to learn anything unless he followed it.

His car switched gears, and he moved from his parked position, before speeding down the street. He was about to find the answers that he wanted.

*** *** ***

“Whoa...” Tyson was in awe, for what seemed the one-hundredth time today. He was staring back at the glowing object, which had just erupted, randomly, to life a few moments ago. He wasn't sure why, or even how, but now, it was fully awakened. Tyson stared at the screen, the word 'DIGIVICE' staring back at him. He had wondered just what that was, exactly. He knew it must have been related to this item he held, maybe that was the 'Digivice'? He had no real idea, exactly.

He clicked a button on the device, deciding to explore it more. The first button brought up a blank screen. He clicked the next, only to get another, blank screen. He hit the third button, and the dull, light-blue screen flashed. A map projected from the screen, in a sort of 3-D model. It was utterly fascinating to the teen.

The map had a bright-red, pulse on it, like some sort of radar. He knew, from just looking at the structure, that the red dot obviously meant something important. He knew just what had to be done. He wanted answers, he wanted to explore the possibilities, he wanted to prove that his crazy ideas weren't just ideas...

The teen clenched a determined fist, pulling himself up from the bed, covered in white and gray sheets. He slipped the device in his pocket, before slipping a clean pair of socks on, and grabbing his jacket. He also grabbed an umbrella this time. He threw a glance back at his room, thinking of anything else he should grab. His eyes fluttered over the television, the multitude of game systems, the gray-colored carpet, the light-tan walls, the numerous posters, the large stack of comic books, and the other assortment of random junk scattered about. He moved over to the game shelf, just for a moment.

The teen shook his head, grabbing his umbrella, before headed out the door. He paced quickly down the stairs, shooting past the kitchen, and into the entry way. “Mom! Heading out for a while, be back later,” he called quickly to his mother, who was busy in the kitchen.

“Tyson, it's storming cats and dogs outside,” the woman called back from the kitchen. After a brief moment of silence, she approached the section of the hall where he son was busy getting his shoes on. The 40-something woman stood in the doorway, her brown hair matched her son's, as did her amber-colored eyes. She wore a simple, cream-colored sweatshirt, and a pair of dark-red slacks. “Why on earth would you want to go outside, now? Besides, dinner is almost ready.”

“Er, well,” Tyson started, finishing his attempt at his shoes. “I just remembered there was this really awesome game that I wanted to pick up,” he glanced back at her, beaming.

“Can't it wait until later? I can drive you after we eat,” she sighed a bit.

“Naw, I'd rather go now. I'm way too excited for it, and I totally forgot after school, and I really don't want it to get sold out or anything, so I'd better go!” he rambled, standing up quickly, grabbing his dark-green umbrella. He popped it open, resting it over his shoulder. “Kay, mom, I love you, bye~” he called, closing the door behind him.

His mother sighed, shaking her head a bit. Though, she did have a small smile on her face. “That boy was always a terrible liar,” she said finally. “I wonder if he finally found a girlfriend?” she seemed to get quite dreamy-eyed at that thought. Her son, finally finding a woman in his life. Oh, the thought was simply romantic, and adorable.

*** *** ***

“Tyson, are you crazy?” Maia demanded, standing outside in the cold rain, along side her neighbor. He held the umbrella over their heads. Even though the rain had let up a little bit, it was still managing to get them both quite wet, even with the umbrella. “We can't just go out and follow these things. Especially in this storm.” The front-door was left cracked slightly.

“Oh, come on,” Tyson insisted, almost in a whining tone. “How often do we get a chance to do this kinda stuff? Can you imagine what it could be? We might get to meet aliens, or maybe we'll get some magical powers, or... get called to an adventure!” he was getting all giddy just thinking about it.

Maia deadpanned as she looked at him. “You've been playing way too many video games,” the girl insisted, putting her forefinger and thumb to the bridge of her nose. “Look, I can't leave Huey alone, plus, what if it's some kind of joke, or something.”

“Maia,” Tyson clasped his free hand on his friend's shoulder, looking her square in the eyes. “This isn't just some joke. This is the real thing, I can just feel it,” his tone was completely serious. Maia stared for a few moments, and he stared back. There was an incredible silence between them, only the sounds of rain could be heard.

“No,” Maia insisted, stepping back, pulling her shoulder from his hand. “It's just... to weird. I'm not going,” she shook her head.

Tyson frowned, but nodded. “Fine, I'll go myself,” he turned away, and started walking. Maia watched sympathetically. She wanted to, well, if only for Tyson's benefit. She was worried, though, scared even. She didn't want to see what it would lead to. It was already too strange for her to accept, even just finding the strange device. She turned back to her door, and walked inside the house.

“Huey! Supper's almost ready!” Maia called as she walked into the kitchen, looking towards the upstairs. She entered the kitchen, briefly taking in the oak cabinets and counter-tops, along with the gray-colored linoleum. On the sleek, black stove, Maia had a kettle full of food cooking. She walked by, checking on it, before she glanced back again. “Huey!”

When she got no reply the second time, she started for the stairs. “Huey, did you fall asleep?” she asked as she approached his door. On the front of it, there was a small sign that read 'No Girls Allowed'. Maia ignored the 'warning', and opened his door. “Huey?” she clicked the light on, revealing the red-colored carpet, and simple, clean, white walls, littered with gaming posters. There was no sign of the boy.

Maia felt a small bit of panic rise in her stomach. She could see the window open, and quickly walked over, glancing down. She let out a low grumble under her breath. Her hand pressed against the desk, near his window, and she came across a note. “Maia, I went out with Tyson. I overheard you guys, and was curious.” Maia read the note aloud, before rubbing the bridge of her nose a bit.

“I swear, these two,” she muttered, leaving his room, entering her own. She didn't want to go, but now, she had no choice. She had to follow Tyson. She had only hoped her... device, or whatever it was, also had a map. Upon the click of one of the blue buttons, she found that it did. Going down stairs, turning off the stove, the lights, getting her coat, and an umbrella, Maia left the house in pursuit of the two. Hopefully they could get back before her parents got home, lest they be mad.

As she exited the house, and locked the door behind her, she stepped out onto the walkway. She stopped, hearing a loud, high-pitched beeping coming from the device. She cringed a bit at the loudness, but that became the least of her concerns for the moment.

A bright beam of light shot down from the skies above, able to be seen in the distance. She let out a gasp of awe at the glowing pillar. The map leads there? You have got to be kidding me. The girl swallowed the nervousness in her throat, before pushing forward. She reminded herself she needed to keep Huey from going there—it could have been dangerous.

*** *** ***

The map had lead him several blocks, and eventually to a construction site. It was an incomplete, two-story building so far, complete with a handful of support beams, as well as concrete and wood laid out in different sections. Most of the concrete made up the bottom of the building, and wood the rest. It was some sort of house, it seemed. The sign posted out in the front yard displayed the name of a popular building company. Jett lowered the blue device, after checking the map a final time. This was it. He threw a glance at the white car parked out front, wondering if anyone else might have been here... but who?

He too had seen the bright pillar of light, which had long since died out. It only lasted a few moments, but Jett knew that it had originated around here. The blonde stepped inside the frame-less door into the construction site, looking around. The rain was blocked mostly, but not entirely from falling inside the building. It was far from complete, and probably not all that stable.

“Hey!” called another voice, gathering Jett's attention. The blonde was already on edge, and tensed up further, going on the defensive. He looked towards the origin of the voice, seeing a brown-haired boy, close to his own age, jump down from one of the small platforms. “What're you doing here?” he asked, his light-blue eyes fixated on Jett. He wore a dark-red jacket, a pair of jeans, and a black tee.

Jett lowered his stance, but stayed on his guard. “I could ask you the same.”

“Good point,” the brunette shrugged. He placed his hand in his jacket pocket, before pulling something from it. Jett grew a surprised expression at what he now held. “I followed this. What about you?”

“...Same,” Jett pulled out his own device, finding the two of them to match exactly, aside from the color differences.


“So there's more of 'em?” the teen blinked. “By the way, name's Brian. Try not to get in my way, and we'll be alright,” he added with a small, slightly devious grin.

Jett narrowed his eyes a bit, “My sentiments exactly.” he added, adjusting his own jacket. “Name's Jett,” he said, before the two of them looked forward.

“I wonder what the hell we're going to find in here...” Brian thought aloud.

More people?” Both teens glanced back at the new voice that had added to their group. Entering the building were two others, one their age, and another several years younger. “Ugh, if it isn't the punk.”

Brian laughed in response to the other boy. “Oh well, if it isn't the idiot.” he grew a sly grin. “By the way, it's not 'punk', it's Brian.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Tyson shrugged.

“Tyson, who is that guy? And that other guy?” The younger boy said, standing at his side. “Do they have these things too?” he held another yellow device in his hand. Jett was beginning to wonder just how many of these there were. The one known as Tyson shrugged as he approached.

“Well, do ya?”

Jett, and even Brian, both showed their own. “Whoa. This just keeps getting more exciting,” Tyson beamed. “C'mon, Hue, let's go investigate!” he declared, pumping a fist, before bolting forward. Huey laughed excitedly, following after his older friend.

“Well, this is turning into a social gathering,” Brian bemused, before pocketing his hands. “I'm gunna go look around.”

“...I really hope this isn't where Huey went,” yet another voice rang out. Brian looked back this time, again, wearing a wide grin.

“Aha, Maia,” the brunette was beaming. Maia's face twisted into something comparable to disgust.

“Great, it's you again,” she sighed. “Was this some kind of joke you pulled?” she demanded, holding up the purple device.

“Doubtful,” spoke the blonde boy, adjusting his glasses. “Everyone came here following the 'digivices'.”

“Yeah, I'm here for the same reason you are,” Brian insisted. “But it must be fate, you and I being together here.”

“More like horrible coincidence,” Maia moved past his suave gesture, completely ignoring it. Brian frowned a bit, but he followed, as did Jett. After a few moments of walking, a young boy's scream cut through the otherwise silent building.

Maia ran forward, calling out her brother's name in panic. The other boys followed as well.

*** *** ***

“T-T-Tyson! What is that thing?!” Huey's smaller frame was on the ground, Tyson standing just ahead of him, the two staring down a ten-foot tall beast, covered in brown fur, red skin, a couple of shoulder-horns, long arms, and a skull sitting atop his frightening head.

“I-I dunno,” Tyson took one step back, standing next to Huey this time. The strange creature swayed very slightly, its vacant, red eyes fixated on the two boys before him. This was not what Tyson was hoping to find here. Yes, it was completely unknown, interesting even, but it was also frightening. Tyson wasn't sure how, or why, but he felt a powerful fear from this creature. He had the frightening feeling in the pit of his stomach that whatever this thing was...

...It had killing intent.

The beast suddenly roared, causing both boys to wince. Huey screamed in fright as the creature started forward. Tyson couldn't will his legs to move. Huey couldn't either. The two of them could only stare as the beast rampaged forward.

A thought suddenly hit Tyson. He immediately drew the device, and held it forward. The creature didn't even consider it, and continued forward. Nothing happened. The boy closed his eyes tightly, fear locking him in place. His fists tightened. He had finally found something... something he had no idea about. Proof that there was unexplained events in this world, but he was completely powerless and frightened.

“Hey!” another voice called out. The creature looked up with a dull expression, before receiving a chunk of brick to his head. The creature stumbled back a bit, roaring in a mix of pain and annoyance. Tyson opened his eyes, looking to his side to see Maia along with the two boys from before.

“Huey, are you alright?” Maia asked, running forward, pulling her brother to his feet. She was scared. Scared stiff, but she had to keep a level head, despite how completely ridiculous all of this was. It was something straight out of a scary fantasy novel. Huey didn't respond, and unwittingly clung to his sister's white jacket.

“Where did that thing come from?” Jett asked, standing on the defensive. Tyson shook his head, unknowingly.

“It was just standing there when we got here, I don't know,” the teen said, his voice shaky. “But I think I've had enough mythical creature for one day, I say we get out of here.”

“Right now,” Maia insisted.

The beast approached again, letting out a roar, sweeping its arm back. “Get away from that thing!” Brian called a few yards back. Tyson let out a yelp as he was flung back, sliding across the cold floor of the construction complex, letting out a yelp. His device landed a couple feet from him. Maia couldn't bring Huey to move, he was only standing there, crying, frightened out of his mind.

“Huey!” The light-blonde boy had moved to the side suddenly, hiking up the boy, moving back towards the exit. In a desperate attempt to distract the creature, Maia swung the umbrella out at it, hoping to drive it back. The creature caught it, before clenching it tightly, snapping it in half. The girl yelped, scattering back.

She lost her footing, hitting the cold ground. She stared up with horror filled eyes. Behind her, he could vaguely hear Tyson calling her name. None of that mattered, though, as the creature rose its arms over its head. It was going to crush her.

Why did we follow that stupid thing!? Why did any of this have to happen?

The girl closed her eyes in fear.

A sudden bright light broke from the groups' devices. It filled the area, causing the creature to back away, hissing, coverings its eyes. Maia forced her own open, realizing she had a brief moment to escape. She took that chance, running back to the rest of the group. Tyson was standing again, and thankfully, he wasn't really injured.

“What the hell is going on now?” Brian demanded, glancing at his own, glowing device.

“I think... these things are giving us a way to fight back,” Tyson spoke, holding his device tightly in his hand. “I don't know anything about what's going on here, now, but I do know I'm not ready to die just yet! Not without finding out what's going on!” He held his device forward. The glow enveloped the room.

“Blaze Blast!”

The group's collective eyes widened. Three, whirling fireballs shot forward, slamming harshly into the creature's back.

“Sprinkler Jet!” a burst of water came this time, striking the creature in the shoulder.

“Shock Ball!” this time, an orb of what seemed to be electrical energy struck the beast.

“Tropical Gust!” A whip of hot wind blades struck then.

“Rock Head!” to finish off the assault, a green and orange figure shot forward, striking the beast square in the back. It was thrown forward, slamming into the ground. A metal-headed creature landed atop his back. He seemed slightly amphibious, bearing finned hands, and yellow eyes. He gave a salute to the kids. “I see you're all doing well.”

From behind him, four more figures approached. The first, a white, purple-striped beaver, bearing a dark-blue tail, and a horn to match. Next to her was a rust-brown colored dragon, bearing bone plating around his orange eyes, a white belly, and maroon accents across his form in triangular shapes. On the other side of the green one, a tan bird, with multicolored feathers, bearing a sharp, orange beak, and a pair of sky-blue eyes, stepped forward. Finally, a dark-blue wolf creature, bearing a partial, dark-green cloak, and white stripes, arrived alongside the bird. All of them stood somewhere near four feet tall, aside from the beaver, who was significantly smaller.

“What now, more of them?” Maia asked, kneeling next to her brother, holding onto him tightly. These creatures were far less bestial than the one that had attacked, but that didn't make them any less imposing.


“'What now'?” repeated the beaver creature. “Jeez, is that anyway to thank the mons that saved you life?”

Tyson blinked, surveying all of them. Each of them looked different, but he was willing to bet they were somehow related to the larger creature. “Yeah, Wendigomon are tough customers. If we would've arrived a few seconds later, you all would've been squashed,” this time, the dragon spoke in a scratchy tone.

“I'm about to run,” Brian muttered under his breath.

“And you called me a wimp?” Tyson asked. Brian ignored him, putting on a serious face. “Besides! These guys are totally on our side!” he declared. “I mean, they're all cool-looking, and they just kicked that monster's ass,” he beamed, approaching them.

“Tyson!” Maia snapped, snatching him by the arm. “We don't know that.”

“Maybe they have other motives,” Jett warned quietly.

“Maybe you all should just chill out,” the green one spoke, waving his arms at his side downward, as if to reiterate his statement. “If we wanted to kill you, we would've done it by now.”

“We have bigger things at stake,” spoke the blue wolf.

“Might we find a place slightly more comfortable, and less... filthy?” the bird spoke this time. “Oh yes, which of you is Huey?” the young, blonde boy slowly raised his hand. He was still frightened, but had significantly calmed down since that thing, Wendigomon, had been taken down. The bird gave a polite bow, before speaking in his slightly British accent. “You may address me as Bazamon.”

“Brian?” the green one asked this time. Tyson stepped aside, pointing to the brunette behind him. “Yo,” the creature gave a two-fingered wave. “Name's Finnmon.”

“Jett?” The light-blonde haired, bespectacled boy nodded this time. “I am Weimon,” the wolf-creature gave a small nod in return.

“You must be Maia,” the beaver spoke this time, approaching the only female with them. “I'm Misumon. And adorable. Don't ever forget the 'adorable'.” the beaver bounced over, staring up at the girl with a bright grin. Maia could only return the gaze, though hers was quite full of confusion. “What? You look like an Agumon caught in a spotlight.”

“So that makes you...” the dragon spoke this time, an off-white claw pointed at the last, unnamed boy so far. “Tyson?” the brown-haired teen nodded gingerly, unable to hide the excitement on his face. “Great! You can call me Rakumon,” he showed a sharp-toothed grin.

“This is so cool,” Tyson was ecstatic, practically shaking with excitement. The rest of the group was quite the opposite. Though, at the notice of Tyson's more relaxed demeanor, Huey seemed to cheer up too. He was grinning over at the bird, curiously.

“So, um... what are you guys?” Huey asked, breaking the small silence.

“We're Digimon, and we've come here asking for your help.”

To Be Continued...


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