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B-Ran, Babs, Antonio, Punk
November 20th(Scorpio)
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Brian is a thrill-seeker. He often partakes in dangerous, illegal activities, because it's 'fun'. He has a very large dislike for authority of any kind, and can be quite rude. He's the class clown that will do anything to get some attention. He talks big, but when it comes to delivering, he can fall a bit short sometimes. He enjoys taking on risks that he's, ironically enough, comfortable with. The norm' for him is theft, smoking, drinking, gambling, and brawling with others, for sport, or if they manage to make him angry enough. This also includes incessant flirting with the opposite sex.  

Brian doesn't enjoy taking on new challenges. His current list of hobbies keeps him more than satisfied, especially since he does these sorts of things all the time. He's grown quite good at fighting, and quite good at going undetected.  For all the trouble he's caused, he's only been arrested a total of four times, and spent about two months in a juvenile detention facility around a year ago. He barely managed to pass the 10th grade, due to this absence. Over all, for all he's done, he's gotten off pretty easily, thanks almost exclusively to his mother, who goes to extremes to keep him out of serious trouble.

Brian is quite afraid of things he isn't use to. He doesn't like change, and tends to take it badly. He likes being comfortable. So when he is faced with something new to him, especially something dangerous, he more often than not runs. He finds himself frequently torn between keeping up his over-confident, brash, reckless outward appearance, versus keeping his own hide safe. 

Brian outwardly lacks empathy for a lot of the things he's done. He doesn't feel bad if he's stolen money, not stopping to think if it was from someone with financial troubles, nor how stealing someone's car could inadvertently cause large problems, He never bothers to consider what effects his dangerous actions have on those close to him, nor has he even really thought about it. Brian keeps a cool, aloof, and generally smart-ass demeanor around most people. He is especially angry if things are out of his control. He despises feeling helpless, or even looking helpless.

On skill Brian does have--among the various illegal traits he possesses, is his ability to smooth talk. He can smooth talk a lot of people, including girls. He takes a lot of pride in that. He can work his way out of danger with a few choice words, making him oddly charismatic. Whether his words are genuine or not are another question, but at least he can come off as quite caring. 

To sum it up, Brian is a thrill-seeking delinquent who despises and even fears change, or things beyond his control.  He loves defying authority, looking tough, causing trouble, getting attention, music, and women. He comes off as an apathetic, lazy asshole with little tact, or regret for his own actions. 

Family Information
Brian is a part of a rather large family, consisting of himself, his four siblings, and mother and father. His mother works as a Judge, while his father is a stay-at-home dad, who frequently takes on part time jobs when he has time to kill. He also has been known to work from home, often. 

  Brian's father, Antonio Bidal, was originally from Mexico. He came to the states several years ago, under illegal status, before he met and married his wife(and Brian's mother) Olivia Linwood. Brian's father is a big time family man, believing heavily in strong, family values. He is fiercely protective of every one of them, but has made his mistakes over the years. With the large amount of kids they have, he understands, much to his dismay, he can't please them all. This seems the case with Brian, who turned himself into an attention seeker, due to lack of it at home. 

Brian's mother, on the other hand, comes off as more strict. She still cares deeply about her family, but tries her best to keep them in line, and sometimes feels Antonio might be spoiling them. She is a firm believer in justice, but can be a bit hypocritical about it. She has gone well out of her way to make sure Brian stays out of trouble, despite his delinquent behavior.  

Brian's siblings include one older sister, one younger brother, and two more younger sisters. The list includes Alicia, Terrence, Candace, and  Alexis. Alicia, the eldest, has recently moved out. She is the one that Brian is closest too, and he frequently stays at her place, especially after he's done things he shouldn't be doing, including stealing, drinking, and other, illicit activities. Brian's younger brother, Terrence, looks up to him as the only, other older Male, though doesn't approve of his delinquent behavior. Candace is a sweet, innocent little girl who enjoys playing with her barbies. Finally, Alexis, the youngest, is an adorable toddler who doesn't speak much. Though, when she does, it usually tends to be important. At least to her. She pretty much waddles around, being cute, most of the time. 

General Info Bits

  • Brian has racked up over $5,000 in property damage and theft charges over the past couple years. Though, his mother took extensive steps to lower the fees.
  • Brian has his licenses, and a car of his own. He does enjoy driving. This has actually managed to deter his car theft.
  • Brian loves music. His favorite genre is rock, or alternative. He also likes instrumental, as well as a few oldies.
  • Brian is a huge flirt, and ridiculously direct.
  • Brian barely passed the 10th grade, after a two-month stay at a local juvenile detention facility. 
  • Brian is originally from Detroit, Michigan, though his family moved to Seattle about 2 years ago, in hopes of deterring Brian's behavior. It didn't really work.
  • Brian is addicted to cigarettes, and tends to drink a lot if it's available to him. This is because he thinks its fun.
  • Brian frequently uses the name Antonio(which is his middle name) to make himself sound more intimidating. 
  • Brian is quite well versed in the maintenance and repair of cars, as his own frequently has troubles. He also knows how to hot wire them.
  • Brian is just under a month away from turning 18. His parents are deeply worried, as they can't protect him after he's legally an adult.